[Image1]This is an introduction to amenities and rental items at Kamogawa Onsen Rian.I am wondering what kin
[Image2]This is an introduction to amenities and rental items at Kamogawa Onsen Rian.I am wondering what kin

This is an introduction to amenities and rental items at Kamogawa Onsen Rian.

I am wondering what kind of cosmetics are used in the inn.

Lian uses POLA's very popular series B.A skincare as a women's cosmetics.
Your skin may wake up overnight...

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and body milk all use a natural foundation made from Italian organic.

High quality organic conditioner from Italy
Contains olive extract for moist and beautiful hair!
For hair with a smooth texture. Based on olive fruit oil rich in vitamin E, it contains various organic ingredients such as calendula flower extract (calendula), which has the effect of moisturizing the scalp and hair.

【Rental items】
・Mobile phone charger
・Ironing board
・Nail clippers
・Blood pressure monitor
・Sewing set
・Extension cord

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Nov. 4, 2022
We are Kamogawa Hot spring Lien. We opened on the 8th of August, 2022. A Japanese-style architecture built in the image of an old Japanese inn. The warmth and fragrance of gentle wood with a beautiful sea spreading out before your eyes. There are a water features in front of the rooms and in front of the lobby reflect the moon at night and wave with the wind, making the Open-air baths even more beautiful at night. The open-air baths are just about the size where you can stretch out your legs and spend a relaxing time while looking up at the sky. At the time of the opening, there were no trees between the private rooms and the inn, but now, as the trees grew, you can enjoy your privacy and no longer have to worry about the line of sight across the street. Of course, the view of the beautiful ocean remains absolutely unobstructed. There are 10 rooms in total. Four of them are included dinner served at each room. The dining restaurant has 6 private rooms with a view of the mountain side. The room I would like to introduce today is "Shiun". [ CONCEPT ] Auspicious Pattern: Futatsumaru Ryu (Dragon) Theme Color: Aoheki (Blue) Revered as the god of water, the dragon has deepened people's faith as a symbol of protection and fertility. The design motif is Futatsumaru Ryu, which symbolises strength. The interior and furnishings are coordinated with the blue theme colour which evokes the mountains surrounding Rian. [Room type] Separate Western-style room, bedroom (2 semi-double Simmons beds) (70m²) Barrier-free, open-air hot spring bath (Kamogawa Onsen "Nagisa no Yu") + indoor bath / terrace [Capacity] Ideally for 2 people but could fit up to 3. [In-room facilities] Air-conditioning and heating / Western-style toilet with washlet / Safe / Moobibear high-speed balanced ion dryer / 55-inch TV (NETFLIX available) / Wireless LAN / Refrigerator / Kettle / Espresso machine / Tea set / Air Dog (high-performance air cleaner) All rooms are non-smoking. (Smokers are kindly requested to use the designated smoking areas in the hotel.) [Amenities] POLA B.A. is used for women's amenities. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body milk, natural foundation (all organic and made in Italy) Three kinds of towels / Samue / Pajamas / Tabi socks [Meals] Meals are prepared in the completely private dining room "Ren". All guests who mention "I saw COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" when making a reservation will receive one served by the glass drink of their choice. We look forward to seeing you all soon!