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【Yumoto Fujiya Hotel】"Yugami Gari Lounge" will open from Saturday, April 27, 2024!

Use as a resting place for day trips or as an inn lounge

Fujiya Hotel Co., Ltd., a member of the Kokusai Kogyo Group, is available at the Yumoto Fujiya Hotel after taking a bath or during your stay.
Use Yukami Gari Lounge opened on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

The Japanese banquet hall located in front of the Hot spring "Sakumo" in the Main Building has been renovated, and you can take a break for a day trip to the bath.
It was newly established as a meeting place and as a Gari lounge where guests can Use during their stay.

When you step into the lounge, the windows Gari in front of the spacious space of 187 square meters, and you can feel the nature of Hakone.
You can take a break.

In addition, we are particular about lighting and chairs so that you can relax and relax, and the interior lighting is according to the time.
Introduced a wireless dimming system that automatically changes color tones for a one-day cycle of natural light
The color tone of the room is adjusted accordingly, so you can experience natural coziness at any time of day.

In addition, there are tatami benches and reclining chairs with ottomans, so you can relax in various ways.
Chairs were arranged. Paid massage chairs can also be cashless payment by smartphone.
Other, hot tea and cold water servers (free) and vending machines for drinks and ice cream (charged) are installed.

Soak in the pleasant afterglow of Hakone Yumoto Hot spring and enjoy a moment of hot spring Gari in the new lounge

Yukami Gari Lounge

【Open】Open for business from Saturday, April 27, 2024
【Name】Yukami Gari Lounge (Relaxing lounge)
【Use time】7:00~23:00
【Place】Main Building 2nd floor, in front of the Hot spring "Sakumo"
【Equipment】Recliner / Single-seat sofa / Lounge chair / Tatami bench
      2 massage chairs (charged) / vending machine (charged) / hot tea cold water server (free)

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