[Image1]Osaka Minoh's restaurant

Osaka Minoh's restaurant "Minocharyo" is a private room where you can ❣️ immerse yourself in a very elegant mood Omakase Kaiseki meal Rikyu no zen (8000 yen tax and service charge not included), 2 cups of bamboo sake (1,800 yen), mineral water (200 yen) ⠀

The Japan sake in a handmade bamboo tube is cold and delicious. ⠀

Aperitif plum wine⠀

Pre-serving (anko liver, truffle, raw sea urchin, white onion, honshimeji)⠀
It is served in a yuzu kettle. It has no odor and is like foie gras. Good seasoning up to white onions #Geki uma ❣️

Bowl (matsutake mushrooms and clams)⠀
#Matsutake It was 😆 a luxurious spoof with half a body and a large clam.

Mukatsuke (Yokowa, Aji, Kue)⠀
❣️ The chewy radish was sweet and delicious. ⠀

Hachisun (wakasagi nanbanzuke, yamato mana, raw sea urchin, hishi nuts, pearl bamboo shoots, moroko boiled in honeydew, flower beans, kinukatsugi, conger eel and abalone liver, sweet potato boiled in lemon) ⠀
There were a lot of them, but all of them were irresistible to my stomach and I was able to eat them smoothly. Each one is really delicious ❣️⠀

Grilled food (Fushimi chili, matsutake mushroom, sazae)⠀
Seven rings of binchotan charcoal appeared ❣️, and the owner can grill charcoal grill. The Fushimi chili pepper was a little sweet and spicy, and the red ones were rarely found in Osaka, and ❣️ the matsutake mushrooms were also half of it. I didn't really like the sazaki, but it was very soft and intense. The owner of the trowel is friendly and funny 😆 ⠀

Fried food (Shikata bamboo, Kumoko (tara no shirako), ginnan, mukago, kabosu)⠀
Shirako's tempura is very creamy♪ and full of moisture and the bamboo is also very good! !️ ⠀

Vinegar thing (snow gani)⠀
I had ❣️ my first crab of the year ⠀ ♪

Rice, miso soup, flavor (chestnut rice)⠀
Plump cooked rice and slightly hard chestnuts are the best! I ❣️ ate all the rice in the clay pot ⠀

Water (blueberries, persimmons, melons, golden kiwi)

Mino Tea Dormitory ⠀
Osaka-fu Minoh-shi Ishimaru 2-8-3 ⠀

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