Jan. 11, 2021
Really been loving the snowscapes on here recently. Never got the chance to visit Nyuto Onsen when I was in Akita but I had some friends who went and they all said it was amazing. I can imagine how nice some warm hot springs would be in the middle of a heavy winter like this too lol. Planning on visiting Akita when I get the chance again (probably going to be a while) so I'll have to stop by for a dip if I get the chance. The thing I really loved about Akita was seeing all of the natural landscapes. All the rice paddies and natural greenery was really something else. I remember when I went to Kakunodate and saw the samurai houses there was a small mountain with some castle ruins on top and it had a really good view of the area from the top. It was also spring when I went so I got to see the cherry blossoms on the river bank which were incredible too... overall great place
橋口 杏菜
Jan. 10, 2021 (edited)