Abhi Sen

Nov. 26, 2023

"Autumn reflection"
Recently I visited enkoji temple in Kyoto to enjoy the vibrant autumn colors. During my visit I saw really beautiful autumn colors and thought if I could take a reflection of this autumn colors then it might look better. Unfortunately there was no such option. So, I used my mobile phone as a mirror to reflect the colors and took the photos on a camera. Although it could be better than this one but since now several people are visiting the temple I could take only two shots. Atleast I am happy with this one. The autumn colors in Enkoji temple is now in full peak and it truely reflect the autumnal beauty of Japan.

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  • Nov. 26, 2023
    Thank you for posting such a beautiful photo.
    Cool Japan Video also publishes an article about Enkoji Temple.
    Please take a look here if you like.

    Located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Zuiganzan Enkoji Temple is characterized by its beautiful and colorful autumn leaves every year due to the large temperature difference between the four seasons. The highlight of Enkoji Autumn Foliage is that you can admire the autumn leaves that spread out in the garden named "Jugyu Garden" from various angles.
    The best time to see the autumn leaves is usually from mid-November ~ early December.
    The jizo that you can meet as soon as you enter the "Garden of the Ten Cows" is also popular. During the autumn foliage season, Warabe Jizo, standing on a carpet of autumn leaves, is a popular spot for Instagram-worthy photos, so you will surely be able to find it easily.
    The area around the Rakuhoku area, where Enkoji Temple is located, is full of many autumn foliage spots and popular sightseeing spots. "Manshuin", "Kifune Momiji Lantern", and "Hosenin" have gained popularity in recent years as spots where you can enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves.
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    Enkoji Temple in Autumn – Enjoy Colorful Leaves Swaying in the Wind at This Temple in Kyoto in 4K Video! Explore a Temple With Ties to One of Japan's Most Famous Warlords + Nearby Tourist Attractions!