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Tomi City Tourist Association
10 days ago
With the aim of regional revitalization, promotion of recognition, and expansion of consumption by Tomi Wine, which leads the Chikuma River Wine Valley, we will invite visitors from the Tokyo metropolitan area and all over the country to hold a wine festival outdoors in May with a new look from every year autumn. This year, the event will be held for two days, and will also sell limited edition wines that assemble (mix and harmonize) grapes from each producer in the city, and to convey the charm of delicious food in the region. I hope you all enjoy it. Name: Tomi Wine Festa 2024 - Assemblage Date and time: May 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun) held for 2 days in Reiwa 6)    11:00~16:00 on both days (Implementation in case of rain) Location: JA Shinshu Ueda Tomi Branch La Vérité Parking Lot (63-4 Tanaka, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture)    Shinano Railway About a 5-minute walk from Tanaka Station Participation fee: Free for everyone (Bring your own wine glasses)    * All drinks and food Will be sold charged. (Wine glasses with participating winery logos 2024 limited sale 700 yen will end as soon as they run out) Organizer: Tomi Wine Club (wineries in the city, wine grape producers, wine support group) Supported by: Tomi City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association, Nagano Wine Association Sponsor: Tomi City, each company Cooperation: 82 Bank Tanaka Branch, JA Shinshu Ueda Tomi Branch Vendors: Wineries, wine grape producers, local restaurants, etc.
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21 days ago
Early April Ueno Park Tsutendo and Ninja Pond There are many shrub cherry blossoms on the promenade surrounding the pond, so it is a good place to take a two-shot with the cherry blossoms. The sun was setting on the way from the park to the temple, and by the time we passed through the temple and came out on the promenade, lights began to light up here and there. While enjoying the illuminated cherry blossoms at night, I turned around for about half a circle, and the scenery unique to the magic hour, which made me feel like an oasis in the city, was reflected in the water mirror. It seemed that an idol was performing live at a nearby stadium, and the cheerful and cute voices of cheerleading echoed through the pond, making people who came and went smile. At the beginning of the evening, it seems that the bustle has only just begun.
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Dec. 31, 2023
Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan is one of the few cities in Japan where balloons fly. The first ordinance in Japan was the "Kasai Ordinance for Balloon Flying Towns". At such a balloon event "Happy Balloon Christmas", a mooring flight experience was held that rose to 20 meters in the sky. Many people from outside the city visited from 7 a.m., and we were able to overlook Kasai City from the sky above the ruins of Tsuruno Airfield. It had rained the day before, so there were puddles here and there, and the reflection of the balloon was attracting the attention of the photographers. Some people fly balloons, some ride balloons for the first time, and some take pictures、、、 Many people enjoyed the event with their own excitement in their hearts.
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Abhi Sen
Nov. 26, 2023
"Autumn reflection" Recently I visited enkoji temple in Kyoto to enjoy the vibrant autumn colors. During my visit I saw really beautiful autumn colors and thought if I could take a reflection of this autumn colors then it might look better. Unfortunately there was no such option. So, I used my mobile phone as a mirror to reflect the colors and took the photos on a camera. Although it could be better than this one but since now several people are visiting the temple I could take only two shots. Atleast I am happy with this one. The autumn colors in Enkoji temple is now in full peak and it truely reflect the autumnal beauty of Japan.
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