"Roadside Station Otofuke Natsuzora no Furusato" 🌾✨
The weather in Tokachi was gradually getting warmer, so I was invited to CHA-YA GREEN's Soft ice cream and enjoyed it 🍦😋

With a vast site and facilities such as full events, gourmet food, and shopping, it will be a 🥐🍜🍚🌽🥔🥬🎹 place where everyone who visits can experience various things and feel the liveliness

Bicycle storage is also available. Use for 🚲 everyone who came by bicycle
In addition, you can see ✨ the cute "Osode-kun" of Otofuke everywhere
A little metabolic body type Awaitenbo 😊 with the motif of Otofuke large sleeve shaking soybeans

[Business hours] 9:00-18:00
[Closed days] Every Monday from November to March (if Monday is a holiday, the next day)
Year-end and New Year holidays (December 30 - January 2)
[Food and beverage] business hours 10:00-18:00 (last order 17:30)
[Natsuzora Market] 9:00-18:00
於日本各縣市町的道之駅,集合當地生產的農產品和當地famous的食品及商品,Otofuke的道之駅具備食、活動、商物的設施,可以體驗很多Otofuke當地的特徴 🥐🍜🍚🌽🥔🥬🎹
自行車的停放處也有完全的設施,提供給來的大家使用 🚴

🔎 關於營業時間等相關資訊於上述↑再請確認

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