[Image1]I went to the Adult
[Image2]I went to the Adult

I went to the Adult "Goshun" in Otofuke! ✨🍜
On top of the noodles, a large char siu sits like 🥓 a futon
The rich dipping broth of seafood pork bones was entangled in the chewy thick noodles and was very delicious! ✨😋
In addition, I also had soupless tantan noodles, which were moderately spicy and peppery, and I couldn't stop using chopsticks 🤤 until the end
There are also Taiwanese mixed soba noodles and Chinese soba noodles!
Please try 💓 it

[Address] 2-1-8 Kitasuzuranminami, Otofuke, Kato-gun, Hokkaido
[Business hours] 11:00-16:00
[Regular holiday] Sunday
位於北海道Tokachi地區中的Otofuke的超人氣「日式沾麵」 ✨🍜
沾麵上會lid上一塊肥瘦恰恰好,像棉被一樣的叉燒肉 🥓
醬汁是使用日本famous的魚介牛骨系的湯頭,濃厚的醬汁搭配有粗度的麵,每一條麵都被醬汁包裹著,非常好吃 😋
另外還點了乾的擔擔麵,剛好的辣度和山椒的味道,讓人一口一口停不下來 🤤
店裡還有台灣乾麵和湯拉麵等菜單,Recommended 大家來Tokachi地區泡溫泉吃美食喔! ✨

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