[Image1]Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!This is the Iwanai Tourism Association.We will deliver tourist infor
[Image2]Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!This is the Iwanai Tourism Association.We will deliver tourist infor
[Image3]Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!This is the Iwanai Tourism Association.We will deliver tourist infor
[Image4]Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!This is the Iwanai Tourism Association.We will deliver tourist infor

Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!
This is the Iwanai Tourism Association.
We will deliver tourist information and event information about Iwanai Town, Hokkaido.

This is my first post, and I will introduce Iwanai Town and sightseeing spots!

Iwanai, Hokkaido, is located in the western part of Hokkaido and is also famous as the birthplace of asparagus.
The name of Iwanai Town is said to be derived from the Ainu word "Iwau = sulfur, Nai = river".

The population is 11,173 (as of the end of August 2023 (Reiwa 5)), and the climate and weather are harsh in winter because it faces the Sea of Japan, but it is a relatively warm area in Hokkaido.
In addition, the average temperature in summer is about 25 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius.
In winter, the snowy scenery is attractive, and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Iwanai Town pumps "deep sea water" from the Sea of Japan and is used for local industry!
At the Iwanai Deep Sea Water Facility (Local Industry Support Center) in the town, it is possible to purchase Iwanai deep sea water for general use.
The mineral-rich deep sea water is perfect for cooking!

In Iwanai Town, you can spend a wonderful time in a beautiful natural environment and historical sights.
Introducing such attractive sightseeing spots in Iwanai Town!

The "Roadside Station Iwanai" and the product information center "Taramarukan" along the Iwanai Port Line provide tourist information about Iwanai Town.
Please use it as a reference for sightseeing! They also sell processed marine products such as the specialty products "tarako" and "Masuko" and "Taramaru goods".

Kikoin, where Kikoin Temple you can experience Japanese culture, is the oldest temple in Iwanai Town.
Designated as the first Tangible Cultural Property of Iwanai Town, the 6.8-meter-high wooden gold-leaf-painted Great Buddha is a masterpiece!
It is about a 10-minute walk from Roadside Station Iwanai.

Maruyama Observatory, located at the foot of Mt. Iwanai, is a tourist attraction that has been certified as a Japan Night View Heritage.
Not only during the day, but also the sunset scenery and night view are recommended!
The panoramic view overlooking Iwanai Town and the Shakotan Peninsula is a must-see.

Iwanai Town is also home to the "Kida Kinjiro Museum of Art" of the Japanese painter Kida Kinjiro, who spent his life in Iwanai.
Please enjoy the works of Kinjiro Kida exhibited by age.
In addition to Kida Kinjiro, events such as exhibitions and concerts of various painters are also held.

There are also spots where you can enjoy nature, such as mountain climbing and camping, which are recommended for outdoor lovers!

■Camp / auto camp place "Marine View"
The vast lawn is an attractive auto camp place.
There are areas of cottages, camper sites, car sites, and free tent sites, which can be used for different purposes.
The center house has showers, shops, laundry, library, and training rooms.

■Mountaineering: Mt. Iwanai, Mt. Raiden
Mt. Iwanai, which continues from the auto camp, is the most 1,086-meter-high mountain in the Niseko Mountains on the Sea of Japan side.
It is also recommended for rest and leisure activities such as hot springs and ski resorts.
There is also a 1,211-meter-high Mt. Raiden next door.
In both cases, alpine plants brightly dye the slopes in spring, and you can enjoy mountain trails while feeling nature.

■Bicycle rental/Kikoin Temple
It is also recommended to tour the beautiful scenery of Iwanai Town by bicycle.
Kikoin Temple offers free rental bicycles!
The reception is at the temple office in Kikoin Temple, so please visit if you wish.

Iwanai Town has plenty of comfortable accommodation facilities to meet the various needs of travelers.
When sightseeing in Iwanai, please choose from accommodations that suit your trip, such as minshuku from hotels and campsites.

Various events and festival are held in Iwanai Town.
At the "Iwanai Dotou Fireworks Festival" held in summer, 5,000 fireworks are launched on the surface of Iwanai Port, and it is impressive!
There are stage events and kitchen car stalls, and gourmet food is also substantial. (As of August 2023)

Finally, we will introduce "Furusato Nozei" information full of Iwanai Town's specialties!
We offer a variety of specialty products as thank-you gift.
Popular thank-you gift are "salted herring roe", "Special Roast Chicken", and "Kurashima Milk Cheese Butter Set"!
"tarako" and "Shinmeshi" are also recommended gems.

This time, we delivered some of the charms of Iwanai Town, Hokkaido!
Please visit Iwanai Town and enjoy a special time.
Thank you for your continued support!

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