Jan. 25, 2024
[Image1]Shooting 📸 on a trip to KyushuYonezuka 🏔, which is said to be the dimple of Aso ́-It seems to have b

Shooting 📸 on a trip to Kyushu
Yonezuka 🏔, which is said to be the dimple of Aso ́-
It seems to have been formed by an eruption,
It had 👏 a very beautiful shape
There also seems to be a legend,
It is said that Takeiwa Tatsumikoto, the deity of Aso Shrine, built the mountain by piling up the harvested rice, and the hollow at the top is said to be the mark of scooping the rice with the palm of his hand and distributing it to the poor
Although it was from a distance, I was glad that I was able ☺️ to take a picture

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