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Niikappu Tourism Association
Jul. 7, 2023
Introducing Niikappu's tourism brochure! It is a ♪ freshly made squishy pamphlet that was just renewed in late May. The cover is an eye-catching contrast between the horse statue of the famous horse Hi Seiko, which represents the Niikappu, and the beautiful sunset over the sea of Niikappu. Inside, there are introductions of Niikappu and local specialties, a map of the town, and information on tourist facilities in the town (you can jump to the homepage or Google map from the QR code of each facility). In addition, we have also posted the "9 Articles of Ranch Tour" that you should definitely protect in the Niikappu and other horse-producing areas, so if you want to see horses in Hidaka, be sure to read and protect them! * For information about ranch tours, go to the Racehorse Hometown Information Center Tourist pamphlets can be found at Niikappu town hall, roadside station and surrounding facilities, hotels, thoroughbred Ginza parking park, and the neighboring Shinhidaka Town Tourist Information Center, so be sure to get them when you come! In addition, it is also placed at the Hokkaido Sapporo Tourist Information Center at Sapporo Station and the Dosanko Travel Salon in the Tokyo Kotsu Kai. Of course Niikappu Tourism Association also in the office! Business hours are from 9 a.m. ~ 5:15 p.m. on weekdays. You can also order tourist brochures, so please feel free to contact us ♪.
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