[Image1]It's Hoha-maki season!!
[Image2]It's Hoha-maki season!!
[Image3]It's Hoha-maki season!!

It's Hoha-maki season!!
"Hooba maki" is a Japanese confectionery made by wrapping bean paste in a rice cake made by kneading rice flour, wrapping it in magnolia leaves, and steaming it.
In Kiso, it has been made since ancient times as a celebratory mochi for the Dragon Boat Festival, which is held on June 5. It is made using twigs with several leaves attached to one tree as it is, so it has a different appearance and is appreciated as a Souvenirs.
It is sold at many confectionery stores from mid ~ end of May every year. There are also people who come from far away in search of hooba rolls.
It is available until mid-July, so if you come to Kiso this season, please try it at least once!
Please refer to the following for Kiso dealers.
It is also Publication on the seasonal Information on the Home page "Kiso Valley Rippu", so please take a look.

♦ Shiojiri City Tea House "Kodemari" 0264-34-3072
    Roadside Station "Kiso Narakawa" 0264-34-3888
    Tezukara 0264-34-3236
♦ Kiso village Kitahara Confectionery 0264-36-2069
    Buckwheat 0264-24-0188
    Roadside Station "Kiso River Headwaters Village Kisomura" 0264-36-1050
♦ Kiso town Roadside Station "Hiyoshi Kiso Koma Kogen" 0264-23-3644
    Sweets Tsukasa Taguchi 0264-22-2023
    Omuraya 0264-22-2841
    Orihashi Confectionery 0264-22-2421
    Confectionery 0264-22-2134
    Sweets Priest Horaiya 0264-22-2372
    Confectionery Brewery Yoshishiro
   (Ohashi Confectionery) 0264-22-4800
    Roadside Station "Kiso Fukushima" 0264-21-1818
    Roadside Station "Sangaku" 0264-46-3677
    Farmer's Market "Saisaikan" 0264-42-1360
♦ Otaki village Himeya 0264-48-2020
♦ Agematsu town Agematsu town Specialty Products Development Center Use Union 0264-52-1505
    Washin 0264-52-5588
    Cafeteria Nakamura 0264-52-2183
    Hokodo 0264-52-4648
♦ Okuwa Village Roadside Station "Okuwa" 0264-55-4192
    Yoneko Okuwa 0264-55-3633
    Michikusa 050-2006-2025
    Traditional Japanese straw raincoat 0264-55-4380
    Wood sawing village 0264-55-2900
♦ Nagiso Town Toyama Confectionery 0264-57-2209
     Tsutaya Confectionery 0264–57-2069
     Ebiya 0264-57-3054
     Sawadaya 0264-57-2272
     Chokane (Sawadaya Tsumago) 0264-57-3268
♦ Nakatsugawa City Roadside Station "Shizumo" 0573-75-5255

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