["Memuro Scattering" Guided Cycling Tour]
This is a guide to cycling tours that you can experience in Tokachi "Memuro Town", Hokkaido, one of Japan's leading agricultural areas.
In addition to the tour around the new Arashiyama, the Mo Mo Tour, and the Bisei Dam Exploration Tour, "Jersey cattle Fureai Walk" and "Memuro Horse Riding Tour" have also been added! We are grateful to local businesses for their cooperation. Get healthy by cycling and heal your mind and body by interacting with animals! In addition to those listed here, custom-made tours are also available, and only rental bicycles are available.
If you are interested, please 🚲 make a reservation as soon as possible
Details and application from 👇 the official website

🚲Hokkaido Memuro Cycletourism🚲
🚴 We are always accepting applications for the guided cycling tour "Memuro Scattering" where you can feel the agriculture, food, and nature of Tokachi, Hokkaido!
🏍 E-bike rental bicycles convenient for sightseeing in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido

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