[Image1]Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Ai
[Image2]Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Ai
[Image3]Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Ai
[Image4]Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Ai
[Image5]Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Ai

Nice to meet you! It is Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido.
In this first post, we will introduce the charm of Aibetsu Town in Hokkaido, one of the places that travel lovers should definitely visit at least once!

Aibetsu Town, a town in Hokkaido with its vast nature, gastronomy, and warm people, is located in Kamikawa District, Ishikari Province, located in the center of Hokkaido.
The population is about 2,500 (as of August 2023), and the weather (weather) can be about 30 degrees Celsius in summer and minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter due to the inland climate with temperature differences.

The origin of the town's name is the slope of the terrain and the fast-flowing Aibetsu River, which is likened to an arrow, and the Ainu language of the Ainu people, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, means "river of arrows".

Signboards and country signs (signs with illustrations of the town's famous places and local products) in the town are an icon of the town and are also popular as photo spots!
When you visit Aibetsu Town, please pay attention to the country sign depicted with the motif of the famous mushroom product.

Now, we will guide you to some of the attractive sightseeing spots in Aibetsu Town!

■Mt. Ishigaki
The largest natural gem of Aibetsu Town, Mt. Ishigaki, has been certified as a Japan Heritage Site.
It is said to be the old battlefield of the Tokachi Ainu and the Ishikari Ainu, and it is a valuable place where you can feel the Ainu culture and history.
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, especially the autumn leaves are a masterpiece!
It is a recommended spot for those who like hiking and mountain climbing.

■Kinoko no Sato Aibetsu Auto Camping Ground
Located along the Ishikari River, this campsite is surrounded by nature with a view of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group.
Shower rooms and coin laundries are also available, so you can spend a clean and comfortable time.

■Soji Momota Poetry Monument
Soji Momota was a poet active in the Taisho and Showa periods.
He liked the land of "Antaroma" (formerly Aibetsu Town) and was considering living there permanently.
From this connection, a monument to the poem "Asakima" was erected. It is located in the precincts of Aiyama Shrine.

Mt. Horai
It is a small hill with an altitude of 260 m that is also popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms.
After 1897 (Meiji 30) decided to designate the cherry trees as "town trees," about 600 cherry trees were planted.
We also hold a cherry blossom festival when it is in full bloom!

◎Specialty products of Aibetsu Town◎
Introducing delicious specialties of Aibetsu Town!

Aibetsu Town is also known as a mushroom production area, and produces (sells) four types of mushrooms: shiitake, maitake mushroom, enoki, and nameko.
Maitake mushrooms are jumbo maitake mushrooms that are large in size and weigh more than 1 kg!

Maitake mushrooms are high in nutrients and have the effect of boosting immunity, and are attracting attention as a healthy food. In the town, you can also enjoy dishes that use plenty of mushrooms, such as "mushroom ramen" and "mushroom donburi".
In addition, at "Yabe Mushroom Farm", there is also a direct sales store for Maitake mushrooms! You can purchase Maitake mushrooms and raw jellyfish packed in bags.

The delicious rice of Aibetsu Town, Hokkaido, is nurtured in a blessed natural environment with fresh water, and boasts a plump texture and sweetness!
Rice such as "Ai-ippai / Nanatsuboshi", "Ai-ippai / Yumepirika", and "Aifukufuku / Mochi Rice" are carefully grown by farmers in Aibetsu Town, and it is a dish that you should definitely try when you visit the town.

Beetroot (a spinach vegetable similar to turnips and radishes) is also one of the specialties cultivated abundantly in Aibetsu Town!
It is a superfood called "eating blood transfusion" because it has an impressive bright red color and sweetness, and contains a lot of calcium and iron.

The beets in Aibetsu Town are a variety called "Shirindora" and are characterized by a strong sweetness and little earthy smell.
Aibetsu Shop, a site that sells beets in Aibetsu Town, also publishes beetroot recipes, so it is recommended as a reference for cooking!

Aibetsu Town holds a variety of fun events and festival.
Experience local culture and customs and make great memories!
Here are some of the most attractive events and festivals.
This is a chance to fully enjoy the charm of Aibetsu Town.

■Aibetsu Mushroom Festival
Held every year in early September, the festival is a must-see event especially for mushroom lovers!
At the 2023 (Reiwa 5), a mushroom pot with four types of mushrooms in a large pot was also sold. In addition, they sell exciting gourmet dishes such as "Hyakkusho-ikki Taki", which cooks 100 rice from Aibetsu Town in a cauldron and firewood!
In addition to mushrooms, local specialties are sold, and there are many fun events at the festival.

■Aibetsu Summer Festival
In summer, a local summer festival is held, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Japanese festival with grand fireworks festival, local eateries, and children's fairs.
Have a great time with the locals!

In Aibetsu Town, there are various accommodation facilities such as hot springs, campsites, and private lodgings, and there are plenty of options to meet the needs of visitors.
Enjoy a comfortable stay surrounded by nature.

Aibetsu Town is also popular as a donor destination for Furusato Nozei, and you can contribute to the local community through donations to support the charm of the town.
thank-you gift, there are "mushroom assortment", "beetroot pack", and accommodation tickets to hot spring facilities in the town.

Visit Aibetsu, Hokkaido, and plan a wonderful trip to harmonize with nature and enjoy the charm of the local area.
In this account, we will deliver sightseeing information and the latest recommended information of Aibetsu Town!
Thank you in advance!

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