[Image1]Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village!This time,
[Image2]Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village!This time,
[Image3]Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village!This time,
[Image4]Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village!This time,

Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village!
This time, "Cape Zanpa Lighthouse"

It is a cape that juts out into the East China Sea, and is a scenic spot with a cliff of uplifted coral reefs 30 to 40 meters high that stretches for 2 km.

Japan one of only 16 "climbable lighthouses" in Japan, and it is the only lighthouse on the main island of Okinawa that can be climbed.
The view from the top of the lighthouse is truly superb!

In 2019, it was certified as a lighthouse worthy of a sacred place of romance as a "lighthouse in love project".
This year 2023, it will be personified by the "Guardian of the Lights Project" and is transmitting new charms.

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