Oct. 11, 2021
I stopped by Tokyo Station over the weekend to take care of an errand and decided to have lunch at the gyutan restaurant "Rikyu" (利久). Everything tasted amazing and the stew was especially good. I always enjoy the soup served with gyutan, it's sort of like a refreshing break in between the savory bites of beef. Plus the beef inside of the soup is soft from being boiled and has a really nice texture to it. I was pretty surprised at the salad actually, as well. I usually am not a fan of the salads served with gyutan but this one had the perfect amount of beef on it and the dressing tasted quite nice, so that was a welcome surprise. The wagashi served with it tasted really good. I'm not sure about what it was exactly, but it was red bean paste with some sort of white filling, maybe even white bean paste, but it was a good way to finish the meal.