[Image1]【🚩 Shinano Omachi hidden gem trip, learn camera shooting techniques ~ Omachi Shopping Street Edition
[Image2]【🚩 Shinano Omachi hidden gem trip, learn camera shooting techniques ~ Omachi Shopping Street Edition
[Image3]【🚩 Shinano Omachi hidden gem trip, learn camera shooting techniques ~ Omachi Shopping Street Edition
[Image4]【🚩 Shinano Omachi hidden gem trip, learn camera shooting techniques ~ Omachi Shopping Street Edition

【🚩 Shinano Omachi hidden gem trip, learn camera shooting techniques ~ Omachi Shopping Street Edition ~ Recruiting participants】
A tour to learn camera photography techniques at the Omachi shopping street. It's ♪♪ finally getting close to 6/8
You will learn photography techniques by walking through the Taisho era construction "Matsubaya Ryokan (Matsubaya Guest House)", the Meiji era construction "Takara Shokudo", and the Showa 40 (Showa 40) era construction "Omachi Meitengai".
This is a chance to enter the building specially for the shooting tour and hear from the instructor who knows the charm of Omachi.
The lecturer is Mr. Kiyoshi Kashiwa, a photo instructor of the Japan Photography Instructors Association, who is from Omachi and is transmitting the charm of Omachi's scenery and people through his camera.

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Jun. 4, 2024
How do you do! This is the Omachi Tourism Association. Omachi, Nagano Prefecture is a city in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture. There are 3,000m-class Northern Alps mountains, lakes, ski resorts, etc., and we will deliver recommended Tourist Information from Omachi City, where you can enjoy playing with nature! ■■■What is Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture? ■■■ Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture is a mountain tourist city visited by many mountain climbers, with the majestic Northern Alps such as Kashima Yarigatake and Mt. Yarigatake on the west side. It is also famous as the gateway to the Nagano Prefecture side of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, and tourists visit throughout the four seasons, such as the Snow Gorge where you can enjoy a huge snow wall in Spring and the sightseeing release of the Kurobe Dam from summer to autumn. ■■■Introduction to sightseeing spots in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture ◇Lake Kizaki In the northern part of the city there are three lakes, which are called "Nishina Three Lakes". One of them, Lake Kizaki, has many activities such as standup paddleboarding, canoeing, boating, and Japanese smelt fishing! The water temperature is relatively high and there are shallow waters, so you can bathe in the lake. Japanese smelt fishing is also a rare lake that can be enjoyed all year round. There is also a Hot Spring facility by the lake, which is perfect for healing your tired body. ◇Lake Aoki It is the northernmost of the Nishina Three Lakes and the third largest lake in Nagano Prefecture. The water gushes out from the bottom of the lake, so it is highly transparent, and fireflies dance in early summer. There is a campsite by the lake, where you can spend a relaxing time in a quiet environment. ◇Lake Nakatsuna Lake Nakatsuna is a beautiful lake surrounded by tranquil forests. Spring, many photographers visit to photograph the dark cherry-colored Oyamazakura reflected on the surface of the lake. You can also enjoy Herabuna fishing and Japanese smelt hole fishing, making it a popular Spot for fishing. ◇Takase Valley The Takase Valley is home to the Takase Dam, which boasts the highest rockfill dam in Japan, and the Kuzu Hot Spring, which is famous as a secret hot spring. Famous as a famous place where you can enjoy colorful autumn leaves in autumn. If you go further from Takase Dam, there is a national natural monument "Fountain Hill", which is a Spot where you can feel the mystery of nature. ◇National Treasure Nishina Shinmei-gu Shrine It is one of only five national treasures in Nagano Prefecture. Said to have been built in the Heian period, it is the oldest Shinmeizukuri shrine in Japan. Shinto rituals at the beginning of ancient rituals and traditional events that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation, such as kagura during the autumn festival, are also must see. ◇Omachi Mountain Museums Japan's first museum with the theme of "mountains". It exhibits the history of nature and mountaineering, mainly in the Northern Alps. From the 3rd floor, you can overlook the Northern Alps. At the Zoo and Botanical Garden, which is an attached facility, you can meet Japanese Ginkgo and antelope! ◇ Omachi Park About 5 minutes by car from JR Shinano-Omachi station. It is a park in front of the Omachi Mountain Museums and offers a panoramic view of the Northern Alps. The entrance to the Trekking course of Mt. Falconry, which is popular for low-mountain trekking, is nearby. ◇Nakayama Highlands Nakayama Highlands is a Highland area with beautiful scenery, and Flowers bloom in all four seasons. In early autumn, Buckwheat noodles make a white carpet, and in the second half of October, you can enjoy new Soba (buckwheat noodles) at nearby Soba noodle stores. ◇Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Kurobe Dam, Snow Gorge Opened in 1971, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route connects Nagano Prefecture and Toyama City in Toyama Prefecture with a total length of about 90 km. From Ogizawa Station in Omachi City, the starting point on the Nagano Prefecture side, to Kurobe Dam, it is a 16-minute electric bus ride. From June 26 to October 15, the Kurobe Dam's sightseeing water discharge is a masterpiece. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a spot full of attractions such as the Famous Snow Gorge with its snow walls and the Tateyama Ropeway where you can enjoy the carpet of autumn leaves. ◇Hot Spring in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture Hot spring facilities are scattered throughout Omachi City, and after enjoying activities such as mountain climbing and skiing, you can relax and refresh yourself in the Hot Spring. Omachi Hot spring village, which is convenient for sightseeing at Kurobe Dam, has more than a dozen inns and hotels, as well as one-day hot spring facilities. ◇ Water tour Omachi City, located at the foot of Mt. in the Northern Alps, is a city rich in water. If you walk along the shopping street leading from JR Shinano-Omachi station, you can enjoy "Otoko Mizu" from the Northern Alps and "Onna Mizu" from the Satoyama, and you can compare drinks. ◇Shoryudo(Dragon Route) "Shoryudo(Dragon Route)" is a sightseeing route that resembles a "dragon ascending to the heavens" in the Chubu and Hokuriku regions (Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie, Shiga). Omachi City is also included in the "Shoryudo" as a route for sightseeing on the Alpine Route and nearby ski resorts. ■■■ Specialty products of Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture ◇Buckwheat noodles Omachi City is known for producing delicious Soba (buckwheat noodles) noodles. The cool climate and clear water grow delicious Buckwheat noodles. In the Soba noodle store of the Local, you can enjoy the Handmade Soba and many tourists Visit. ◇Kurobe Dam Curry Kurobe Dam Curry is a local gourmet in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture. It is a curry that imitates the Kurobe Dam, with rice as an embankment and Roux as water, and is popular for its visual impact and deliciousness. ◇Local Sake Omachi City is also known as a production area for delicious local sake. Gushing out of the spring Clear water from the Northern Alps, we grow high-quality sake. Hokuan Brewery (Hokuan Daikoku), Usui Shoten (Hakuba Nishiki), and Ichinoya (Kinran Kurobe) are the three breweries where you can enjoy unique and exceptional flavors. ■■■Introduction of festivals and events in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture ◇Young Prince Festival The Young Prince Festival is a traditional festival in Omachi City and is Held in every July. One of the events, Yabusame, is one of Japan's three major yabusame (horseback archery) festivals, and is a rare "Children's Yabusame" in Japan. ■■■Introducing Tourist Information of Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture In Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, you can experience the beauty of nature. Enjoy a wonderful trip in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, where new discoveries and impressions await you every time you visit. Cool JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to provide Recommendations that we could not deliver this time. Fun!