[Image1]【Dango Information from Flowers ➀】Although the cherry blossoms are still in bloom、、、
[Image2]【Dango Information from Flowers ➀】Although the cherry blossoms are still in bloom、、、

【Dango Information from Flowers ➀】
Although the cherry blossoms are still in bloom、、、
"Shinshu Suzaka sweets" of dumplings rather than flowers
This is an introduction to the Limited Time sweets of "Chiyoka Seishindo" in front of Suzaka Station ~! !!
Pure white sweets !️ 😋 😋 in the shape of "Shimaenaga", which is said to be a snow fairy and lives in Hokkaido

Chiyoka Seishindo
1272 Babacho, Suzaka City

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Apr. 4, 2024
【Botamochi Stone】 Because the shape of the stone is round and looks like a "botamochi", It is called "botamochi stone" or "botamochi masonry". "Botamochi stone" is a stone wall in which large round stones are stacked, and round stones are processed and stacked so that there are no gaps. It can also be seen in the Omi region, but it is rarely seen in other areas. The time and effort required to process it is enormous, and it takes more time and money than ordinary masonry. It is said that it took several days to stack one stone so that the outer surface was flat while processing the adhesive surface of the adjacent stones. It is said that the stonemasons in this region called it "totting" to fit the stone perfectly, and it was also said that "one stone should be attached to it a day." Since it is such a difficult and time-consuming construction method, there are no masons who have inherited the current masonry, and it is one of the things that reminds us of the time when Suzaka was greatly prosperous with raw silk. "Botamochi stone" can be seen at the Suzaka Classical Art Museum, Tanaka Honke Museum, Fuganji Temple, etc. I can. Enjoy walking around the city to see the masonry skills of the time. With the guidance of the Shinshu Suzaka tourist guide, you can walk around the city while listening to an easy-to-understand explanation of history and sightseeing. <Shinshu Suzaka Tourist Guide> ●About the number of people Used We will respond to a wide range of people, from one person to a group. ●Guide fee About 2 hours 3,000 yen About half day 5,000 yen (Up to 20 people will be accommodated at the above price) ●How to apply As a general rule, please apply to the Shinshu Suzaka Tourism Association at least one week before the date of use. There is no resident guide. Please be sure to make a reservation. Phone or fill out the prescribed application form, fax, e-mail, or bring it to us. The application form can also be downloaded from the Shinshu Suzaka Tourism Association Home page. The tourism association will contact you for confirmation at a later date. ●Inquiries Shinshu Suzaka Tourism Association ☎026-215-2225 FAX026-215-2226