[Image1]Sorry to keep you waiting!Shintokuyama Ski Resort will finally open from January 20th!This winter, t

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Shintokuyama Ski Resort will finally open from January 20th!
This winter, there was a big difference in temperature in Shintoku Town, and the snow accumulation was delayed, but the snow from the end of the year to the other day made it possible to open safely.
Shintokuyama Ski Resort is a family slope that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced skiers. The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular, and you can enjoy a thrilling run while looking at Mt. Mekan and the Daisetsuzan mountain range in the distance.
●1.3km from Shintoku Station, 4 minutes by car, 15 minutes on foot
● Rental set available [Contact: 0156-64-5546]

For details, please check the Shintoku Town website.

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