[Image1]Today, I would like to introduce
[Image2]Today, I would like to introduce

Today, I would like to introduce "Fuya Bread", which has been in Hachioji for more than 100 years. This shop is a 2-minute walk from Hachioji station. It's a very personal story, but it's also the bakery where my grandmother, who passed away two years ago at the age of 99, used to eat when she was a child. My grandmother told me that she used to eat anpan a lot, so I bought anpan and three loaves of bread. The bread was small in size and had a very nostalgic earthy taste. There are so many international students who get addicted to Japanese bread and get fat. There are many 😊✨ unique shops such as popular melon bakeries and traditional bakeries in Hachioji.

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