Dec. 20, 2023
[Image1]〜Our Staff〜・Name: Dou Higashiyama ・Job Title : Assistant・Specialty : Assistant Professional・About hi

〜Our Staff〜

・Name: Dou Higashiyama
・Job Title : Assistant
・Specialty : Assistant Professional
・About him : Dou Higashiyama is a modern-day samurai who never refuses to accept any kind of reckless work and performs as an assistant.
Higashiyama is aware of his innate "honor" and explains that the first thing a foreigner who aspires to become a samurai should pursue is honor, not skill or knowledge.
・Favorite historical figure : Masayuki Sanada
・Ambition : He wants to go back in time to Keicho 19 (1614) and participate in the Osaka battle as a general on Toyotomi's side to defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu.