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Today, I would like to introduce "Hitoshi Matsubuchi's post "Yokote kamakura" in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture".

The beautiful pillow and the scenery of the snow sparkling are fantastic.

The Yokote Snow Festival (Yokote no Yuki Matsuri) held in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture in the Tohoku region is held every February as a small New Year event dedicated to the god of water.

One of the most popular events in the festival is the Yokote Kamakura. About 100 kamakura with a height of about 3 meters will be made throughout the city.
In addition to large kamakura made by craftsmen, there are also mini kamakura made by local elementary school students.
Also, in the kamakura, children serve amazake and mochi.
It is a traditional festival full of snow country atmosphere that is said to have a history of more than 450 years.

In 2023, it is scheduled to be held on February 15 and 16.
In order to hold some of the festivals with a reduced number of contents, please check the official website for details.

Around Yokote City, there are plenty of hot spring inns such as "Akimiya Hot Spring Village".
In conjunction with the festival, why not plan a trip where you can enjoy the nature and taste of Akita Prefecture?

◆Yokote Snow Festival◆
10-minute walk from JR Ou Main Line Yokote Station
Free kamakura venue shuttle bus available (17:40~21:00)

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Jan. 6, 2022 (edited)
It is "Yokote kamakura" in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture. "Kamakura" is a small New Year's event dedicated to the god of water, and children among the kamakura shout "Enter! They talk to tourists and treat them with mochi and amazake.
This photo is from the "Kamakura" photo session venue, but the best position was super full and I regretted being late, but if I dared to take it from a position where no one was looking, I was able to take a really nice photo and I was very satisfied with the "Kamakura" photo.
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