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Today, I would like to introduce "Daishi Okamoto's post "Tadami Line and Snowy Scenery".

The Tadami line surrounded by a world of white silver is an impressive piece.

The Tadami Line is a local line 65 km after the fastest speed connecting Koide Station (Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture) to Aizuwakamatsu Station (Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture).
It was damaged by heavy rain in July 2011, but on October 1, 2022, it was restored and resumed operation for the first time in 11 years.

The Tadami Line, which runs through nature, is full of spectacular scenic spots.
The first bridge, which has an attractive contrast between the iron bridge and nature, is especially popular, and you can enjoy the superb view of the four seasons.
In addition, there are plenty of photo spots such as the 2nd ~ 4th bridge and the glasses bridge featuring a concrete arch bridge.
It is a tourist destination where railway fans from all over the country gather.

The Tadami Line is a hot topic for autumn leaves, but the snowy scenery in winter is also recommended.
Between Aizu-Nakagawa Station ~ Aizukawaguchi Station, the snow-covered Oshi village is one of the viewpoints.
From the 5th Tadami River Bridge, if the conditions are right, you can enjoy the world of white silver reflected in the Tadami River.

◆Tadami Line◆
【Address】Fukushima, Niigata
Starting point: Aizuwakamatsu Station
End point: Koide Station

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Daishi Okamoto
Oct. 4, 2020
Tadami line and snowy landscape.
The first bridge and the train were reflected on the Tadami River, creating a very fantastic scenery.
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