The "Birch Sap Water Collection Experience" at Karikachi Kogen Park will also end this weekend on Sunday, the 14th. There were more applications for participation than expected, and the days of the preparatory ⇒ experience ⇒ the preparatory ⇒ experience. On weekends, all reservations are booked except for the Sunday afternoon session, so we are looking for those who wish to "visit" birch sap water collection. Even though it is called recruitment, there is no application or participation fee. All you have to do is actually see how easy it is to collect.
If you are passing by, please stop by to see if you have time.

Saturday, April 13
10 ~ 11 o'clock and 14 ~ 15 o'clock (2 times)
 April 14 (Sun)
  From 10 o'clock ~ 11 o'clock, it will be held from 14 o'clock if there is a reservation, but if not, it will be canceled. * We are also looking for participants for the afternoon session.

This is an experience that you should definitely see not only for those in Hokkaido but also for those who come to Hokkaido for sightseeing!

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