"Roadside Station Garden Spa Tokachi River Hot spring" 🪨
The location of Deyu-no-Iwaza is entered through the main entrance of Garden Spa Tokachi River Hot spring, through the central corridor, and then outdoors at the end.
The megalith is a Hidaka stone, which received a spirit from Yudonosan Shrine and is enshrined as the guardian deity of Tokachi River Hot spring.
It is said to have the benefits of family safety, prosperous business, Marriage, and child treasure. ✨
There is also a signboard introducing Tebutsu (hot water for hands) and moor hot spring, so please come and experience ♨️ it
道之駅Tokachi 川溫泉中,有豎立一個「出湯的磐石」的巨石 🪨
Megaishi Korehidakaishi, Yuyudonosan Shrine Acquisition Ryobunjin, 從此守護著Tokachi River 溫泉。
有著家裡平安、商業繁榮,結緣和保佑小孩等祈福。 ✨
也有Tebutsu (hot water for hands)和美人湯的介Shaosign,歡迎大家來享受美人湯的療癒 ♨️

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