Dylan Gibson

May. 19, 2021

What an incredible photo, the coloring of the floats goes perfectly with the sunset and the clouds. What an awesome looking festival. I've never heard about Murakami Taisai, but it looks like it's about 400 years old now and some of the floats created 200 years ago are still used even today. I've never actually visited Niigata but it looks like a fun place. Just inconveniently placed I guess lol. Seeing cool photos like this though really makes me want to visit. This festival is in early July as well, so not too far off. Might be cool to visit and get some of the festival food I've been missing out on. Can always make yakisoba at home but it just never really hits the same as some made at a yatai!

May. 19, 2021
無形文化財 村上大祭