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  • Niseko Village welcomes you with many well-equipped facilities such as ski resorts, accommodation (hotels), golf courses, activity facilities and shopping areas. It is also famous for its world-class winter resort, and is also called "the sacred place of powder snow". You can enjoy golf in summer and skiing in winter throughout the year.
  • It is the "Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association" of Nayoro City, Hokkaido. Nayoro City has the lowest average temperature in January and February among Japanese cities. At dawn in the cold winter season, the water vapor in the air freezes into tiny ice crystals, and you can see diamond dust in a fantastic landscape that glitters in the sun. You can also experience the Sun Pillar, where the reflection of the diamond dust light looks like a pillar, in Nayoro City. It is an area where agriculture is very active, and it is famous as a production area of glutinous rice and asparagus, which boasts one of the largest yields in Hokkaido. We will send out attractive sightseeing spot information and gourmet information of Nayoro City, so thank you!
  • You can spend a dream-like time at Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke the exquisite scenery woven by magnificent nature and the blissful hot spring. Tokachigawa Onsen was 2004 (Heisei 16) selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site ahead of many hot spring resorts in Hokkaido with its rare spring quality in the world. Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke Hokkaido awaits you with beautiful nature, hot springs that heal both physically and mentally, and impressive sightseeing spots. Refresh yourself from the heart and create unforgettable memories.
  • Good morning. How do you do. I'm from Aichi Prefecture and I'm single. I'm a beginner. Thank you.
  • The Amazing Club in Hokkaido is an informal activity that personally introduces various places to Hokkaido.
  • HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Kawazu Town Tourism Association! Located in the southeast of the Izu Peninsula, Kawazu Town in Shizuoka Prefecture is known throughout Japan as the birthplace of Kawazuzakura (Kawazu Sakura). The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival, an event where you can enjoy early-blooming cherry blossoms, is held every February and is the largest event in Kawazu Town, attracting about 1 million people. In addition, Kawazu Town, which faces the Pacific Ocean, is not to miss the local seafood gourmet! We will deliver plenty of the charm of Kawazu Town, so thank you.
  • Hello to everyone who watches the Cool Japan video! This is the Shimoda City Tourism Association. Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture is a city of about 20,000 people located at the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, and its beautiful scenery surrounded by the sea and mountains attracts visitors. Popular as one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, Shirahama Ohama Beach (Shirahama Beach) welcomes you with its emerald green crystal clear sea and beautiful white sand. We will deliver recommended information on Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, so please look forward to it!
  • History, nature, and fruit-scented Suzaka City is the juiciest city in Shinshu. Suzaka City in Nagano Prefecture flourished in the Silk industry from the Meiji era to the Showa era, and in Suzaka City, you can see storehouses and merchant houses with big wall constructions that retain the appearance of that time. Garyu Park is a popular cherry blossom spot that has been selected as a "100 best cherry blossom viewing spots", and it is a popular tourist destination with a Suzaka City Zoo in the park and Suzaka Art Park nearby. We will send out recommended information and the latest information that will make you want to visit Suzaka City in Nagano Prefecture, so thank you.
  • Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! This is the Kanagawa Prefecture Tourism Association. Kanagawa Prefecture is a tourist area where you can enjoy various things such as the sea, marine activities, hot springs, nature, and history. Yokohama, Yokosuka, Hayama, Chigasaki, Kamakura, Hakone, Odawara... There are many attractive sightseeing spots. In the coming COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the charms and latest information on these popular tourist spots, as well as the hidden gem spots that are not yet well known. Thank you in advance.
  • I take a lot of pictures centered on the landscape.
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    Hello. I am attracted by the charm of aerial photography and take anything in search of emotion. DRONE or iPHONE. I don't have a camera. instagram: @b_nuts1995
  • I want to go to Saitama Prefecture! I'm 😆 taking a picture Landscapes/Flowers/Buildings
  • Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! Nishiokoppe Village This is Kurashima of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers (in charge of tourism). Located in the eastern Hokkaido region, it has a population of 1,002 (as of the end of July 2023 (Reiwa 5)), and is surrounded by nature, with forests occupying about 90% of the village's area. Nishiokoppe Village is also famous as a guitar production area, and currently 20,000 guitar bodies are made every year. You can enjoy various experiences such as beautiful scenery and delicious gourmet food in Nishiokoppe Village. We will deliver Nishiokoppe Village events, sightseeing information, and daily scenes, so thank you!
  • Hello! I love ❤️ traveling and photography Selected 🏅 as an Honorable Mention for the 21st "Japanese Landscapes I Want to Leave for the Future"
  • Hiroshima's Like! We are active on the theme of. Please 🙏 take a look if you like

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