Embedding Account Banner

You can embed and share account banner on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS on your website or web page.
1. click on the "・・・" (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the user page you wish to embed, and then click on "Embed Account Banner"
2. You can enter the slogan/tagline you wish to display when embedding. A maximum of 30 characters can be entered ※If no characters are entered, the default text will be displayed.
3. You can specify the display size when embedding.
If the size is adjusted automatically, it will be displayed at 100% width (maximum 540px) x 190px.
Manually adjusting the size allows you to specify the size of the text to match the size of the website where it will be embedded, but the maximum width displayed will be 100% of the width of the element to which it will be embedded.
4. If you change the slogan/tagline or embedding size, you can review the changes in the preview.
5. Click the "Copy" button for the displayed embedding code.
6. Paste the copied code into your website or web page.

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