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  • HELLO TO EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! It is Kyowa Town, Iwauchi District, Hokkaido. Kyowa Town was created in Showa 30 (Showa 30) by the merger of Ozawa Village, Maeda Village, and Inauguration Village, and the production of local brand agricultural products "Raden Nishi melon" and "Raden melon" is one of the highest in Hokkaido! COOL JAPAN VIDEOS WILL PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THE CHARMS OF KYOWA TOWN IN HOKKAIDO AND POPULAR TOURIST SPOTS. Best regards.
  • Hi everyone! It is the tourist association "Lake Mashu Tourism Association" in Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido, where Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo, which are popular tourist spots in Hokkaido, are located. The surface of Lake Mashu boasts the world's most transparent surface, and the magnificent nature of Lake Kussharo, which is also the largest caldera lake in the Japan (a lake with water accumulated in the crater of a volcano)! We will send out the charm of Teshikaga Town that we would like many people to know, so thank you!
  • Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! Nishiokoppe Village This is Kurashima of the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers (in charge of tourism). Located in the eastern Hokkaido region, it has a population of 1,002 (as of the end of July 2023 (Reiwa 5)), and is surrounded by nature, with forests occupying about 90% of the village's area. Nishiokoppe Village is also famous as a guitar production area, and currently 20,000 guitar bodies are made every year. You can enjoy various experiences such as beautiful scenery and delicious gourmet food in Nishiokoppe Village. We will deliver Nishiokoppe Village events, sightseeing information, and daily scenes, so thank you!
  • Hello to everyone who watched the Cool Japan Video! This is Motobu Town, Okinawa. There are many recommended spots in Motobu Town, such as Okinawa's most popular tourist spot "Churaumi Aquarium" and "Sesoko Island" and "Minna Island" with pure white beaches! We will send out the latest information on Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture, where the rich sea, impressive superb scenery, delicious gourmet food, and the warmth of the people are harmonious, so thank you!
  • Bibai City, located between Sapporo City and Asahikawa City, can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. Rich natural scenery, sightseeing spots where you can feel the history and culture, delicious food, and warm hospitality、、、 The destination you are looking for is surely here in Bibai City, Hokkaido! We will send out the latest information of Bibai City such as gourmet, nature, sightseeing spots, etc.! !!
  • Hello to everyone who watched the Cool Japan Video! We will introduce plenty of attractive sightseeing spots in Tomakomai City, one of the leading industrial cities in Japan and the largest port city in Hokkaido! There are many recommendations for Tomakomai, such as sightseeing spots surrounded by nature and exquisite seafood dishes unique to port towns! Access is conveniently located in about one and a half hours by car from Sapporo City and about 30 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, and there is also a large passenger ferry from Honshu. Please look forward to the latest information on Tomakomai!
  • Hello I was born in Tokyo!!

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