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New otani inn sapporo
13 days ago
Now is the season! 【Peach Afternoon Tea Set】 Held in for 3 days only! Afternoon tea full of peaches, using peaches in season luxuriously, is now available 🍑 "Peach Parfait" with red heart cookies and rabbit cookies, etc. It is ☕ an afternoon tea set that satisfies both the heart and stomach with a full Volume 🍑menu ・Peach Parfait ・Peach Shortcake ・Peach canele ・Glasses of peaches and strawberries ・Peach and melon Swiss roll cake ・Peach and strawberry cream puff ・Peach glass ・Sweet yellowtail osh ・Baked cheesecake Bagel sandwich with homemade marinated salmon, cream cheese and potatoes ・Vegetables to drink (Orange & Tomatoes) ・Vegetable chips For details and reservations, 📞」011-222-1522 Or on the hotel's 💖 website
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Nishiizu Tourism Association
15 days ago
Ukusu Campground - The largest Coast Campground on the Izu Peninsula It is the largest Coast public campsite on the Izu Peninsula, with a capacity of 100 sites and a parking lot of 100 cars. In addition to the administration building, it is equipped with flush toilets, hot showers, cooking buildings, and changing rooms. A shallow Coast with a total length of 500 meters spreads out in front of you, and you can enjoy Bathing in the sea and playing on the beach. In addition, you can fully enjoy the Nature of Nishi-Izu Town, such as dinner while watching the Sunset on the Horizon, the starry sky, and the song of the waves on the beach. In addition, in 2024, a mobile House that is perfect for Use for workation has opened in the campsite (please check the Ukusu Campground website for details). 【Prohibited Matters】Entering and exiting the car from 21:30~6:30, open fire at the site, pets (only allowed in the RV park), generator, karaoke, fireworks after 9pm, fishing in the Beaches, use of harpoons, Barbecue (Coast), Jet Ski, Windsurfing, Yacht, Boat 【Cancellation fee】Cancellation of reservation on the day of inn stay and reservation on the day will be full amount. On the day of the inn reservation, half price will be charged the cancellation fee the day before. If you cancel your reservation up to 2 days before the reservation date of the inn, there is no cancellation fee. Please note: Cancellations will be accepted until 17:00. ■Address 2102-13 Ukusu, Nishi-Izu Town, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka ■ Phone 0558-55-0311 (Reception hours: 9:00~17:00)
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Nagano Shiojiri City Tourist Association.
16 days ago
Did you know that Shiojiri is a famous wine brewing area in One of the best in Japan? 】 Japan There are 400~500 Winery companies in Japan, Restrooms available about 80 of them are Restrooms available in Nagano Prefecture. Shiojiri City is the area with the largest Mr./Ms. Winery in Nagano Prefecture, Winery There are 15 companies. There are Winery that have been in business for more than 100 years since the Meiji era, and there are new Winery that were founded in Reiwa, Restrooms available each of the 15 companies produces wines with different personalities. In addition, Thereare in Shiojiri City, wine is also made at the high school, and there is an environment where students can learn about winemaking. The reason why the wine industry is so thriving is that the temperature difference between day and night is large due to the Elevation of 700M, the long daylight hours, and the soil is gravel and volcanic ash, making it the best environment for cultivation of grapes. High-quality wines are produced from high-quality grapes grown in this area. Among the wines made in Shiojiri, Merlot is particularly highly evaluated. In 1989, it even won a grand gold medal at a prestigious international competition. At the Shiojiri Winery Festa, which is Held in once a year Japan many visitors from all over the country visit drink all the wine in Shiojiri (laughs). Please try Shiojiri wine.
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