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開智国際日本語学校(Kaichi International School of Japanese)
Jun. 2, 2021
[English/日本語] Things that Surprised International Students When They Came to Japan: Food For international students, the first problem they encounter when they arrive in Japan is food. In this article, we will introduce Japanese food. What is this? Food I saw for the first time in a Japanese supermarket (1)Mushrooms and seaweed I was once asked about mushrooms by a Mongolian student. The Mongolian diet is basically meat-based and they eat very few vegetables. Among other things, they do not have the custom of eating mushrooms and were surprised to see mushrooms for the first time in Japan. In addition to mushrooms, foreign students often ask me questions about seaweed. I taught her how to cook mushrooms and seaweed, and she lost 44 pounds in a year! Now she has confidence in herself and does selfie every day. I was attracted by the smell.... The story of gaining weight from eating too much delicious food. 1) Ramen The number one thing that male students get addicted to when they come to Japan is ramen. Seeing the lines at popular ramen restaurants, some students may say, "It's strange that Japanese people want to wait in line to eat ramen," but after six months in Japan, they are standing in line for it. There are also many students who stock a lot of cup ramen in their rooms because it is cheap and quick to eat. However, some ramen soups are made with pork or beef, so if you are not allowed to eat ramen due to religious beliefs, please ask the store owner. One of our students even called a cup ramen company to ask about it. Let's learn the kanji for "pig(豚)" and "cow(牛)" as soon as possible. 2) Bread The number one thing that female students get addicted to when they come to Japan is bread. Although Japan is famous for its rice diet, bread consumption is one of the highest in the world. In fact, there are many bakeries in the city, and many people are drawn to the smell of bread and buy it. Also, convenience stores sell a wide variety of breads, all reasonably priced in the 100 yen range! Sweet breads are especially popular among female students, and I often see them eating them for breakfast and lunch. The sweet breads are especially popular among female students, and I often see them eating them for breakfast and lunch. Too expensive to buy! Beware of vitamin deficiency 1) Fruits Students from all countries say, "Fruit is expensive! ". Because of this, students eat less fruit than they did in their home countries, and many of them catch colds or have skin problems due to vitamin deficiency. For this reason, many students ask their families in their home countries to send them vitamin supplements. Please consider supplements as part of your luggage list before you come to Japan. I hope this article will help you prepare for your arrival in Japan. By the way, our school has a supermarket within a minute's walk from the dormitory. Also, in Hachioji, where our school is located, there is the famous Hachioji Ramen and a bakery with a long line of customers. If you are ever in Hachioji, be sure to stop by! 留学生が日本に来て驚いたこと ~食べ物編~ 留学生にとって日本に来て一番初めにぶつかる問題は食事です。そこで今回は日本の食べ物について紹介します。 これ何?日本のスーパーで初めて見た食べ物 ①きのこ・海藻 モンゴルの学生から「きのこ」について聞かれたことがあります。モンゴルの食生活は基本的に肉が中心で野菜はほとんど食べないそうです。中でもきのこを食べる習慣がなく、日本で初めて見たきのこにおどろいたそうです。留学生からの質問はきのこの他にも海藻について質問されることもとても多いです。そのモンゴルの学生は何でも挑戦するのが好きな女の子で、きのこや海藻の調理方法を教えたところ、1年で20キロ痩せました!今では自分に自信がついて毎日セルフィ―をしているとか。 においにつられて…。おいしすぎて太ってしまった話。 ①ラーメン 男子学生が日本に来てハマってしまうもの1位はラーメンです。人気ラーメン店の行列を見て、「日本人は行列を作ってまで食事をしたいなんて変だ」と言っていた学生も、来日して半年たてばその行列に並んでしまうほど。また、安くてすぐ食べられるということでカップラーメンを部屋に大量にストックする学生も多くいます。ただ、ラーメンのスープには豚や牛を使っている場合があるので、宗教上食べられない人はお店の人に聞きましょう。本校の学生でカップラーメンの会社に電話して聞いた学生もいます。「豚」「牛」という漢字は早めに覚えましょうね。 ②パン 反対に女子学生が日本に来てハマってしまうもの1位はパンです。米食で有名な日本ですが、世界の中でもパンの消費は上位にあります。事実、街の中にパン屋さんは多くあり、そのにおいにつられてついつい買ってしまう人も多いです。また、コンビニには豊富な種類のパンが売っており、値段も100円代とリーズナブルなものばかり!特に甘いパンは女子学生に人気があり、朝と昼に食べている姿をよく見かけます。ただし、カロリーが高いので、パンのせいで太ってしまったという声もちらほら。 高すぎて買えない!ビタミン不足に注意 ①フルーツ どの国の学生も声をそろえて言うのは、「フルーツが高い!」ということ。そのため、国にいたときより食べる回数が減り、ビタミン不足から風邪をひいてしまったり、肌トラブルを起こす学生が多くいます。このことから国の家族にビタミンのサプリメントを送ってもらっている学生も多いです。日本に来る前に荷物のリストとしてサプリメントも検討してみてくださいね。 いかがでしたか?みなさんが日本に来る前の準備や心構えとしてこの記事がお役に立てればうれしいです。 ちなみに本校は寮から徒歩1分にスーパーがあります。また、本校がある八王子には有名な「八王子ラーメン」や行列のできるパン屋さんがあります。八王子に来た際にはぜひ寄ってみてくださいね!
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