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Jan. 13, 2023
Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce Mr. Bashi's post "Nabegataki Falls, Kumamoto Prefecture". The icicle curtains and the snowy landscape are impressive. Nabegataki (Nabegataki Falls) is a waterfall with a drop of about 10 meters and a width of about 20 meters located in Nabegataki Park in Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is said to have been formed during a huge eruption about 90,000 years ago, and due to its mysterious scenery, it is a popular spot that has been used as a commercial and filming location. Nabegataki Park requires advance reservations, so reservations are required before visiting. Reservations can only be made online, not by phone. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Nabegataki Park to Nabegataki Falls. Arrive by walking slowly along the well-maintained road. Women and children can also visit with peace of mind. Nabegataki Falls can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons. In spring and autumn, light-up events are held for a limited time, and many tourists visit. In summer, you can enjoy the moss and waterfalls, and in winter, the huge icicle curtains created by the frozen waterfall are a must-see. ◆Nabegataki Falls◆ 【Address】〒869-2502 Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso-gun, Oguni Town, Kurobuchi 【Tel】0967-46-2113 【Access】 From roadside station Oguni Yu Station, 10 minutes by car or taxi 【Parking lot】Available Please check the official website for details.
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Nov. 13, 2021 (edited)
Curtains of icicles in winter
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