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Noboribetsu Bear Park
Aug. 2, 2023
Ladies and gentlemen watching the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! Nice to meet you! Noboribetsu Bear Park. Located in Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido, "Noboribetsu Bear Park Noboribetsu Mabokujo" is a ranch where the rich nature and cute bears welcome you at the top of a Mt. Shihorei where Lake Kuttara is located. In this post, we will inform you about the details of the Noboribetsu Bear Park and sightseeing in the surrounding area. First of all, we will introduce the facility information of Noboribetsu Bear Park. As of 2023, Noboribetsu Bear Park has about 70 brown bears in captivity. There are several exhibits of Ezo brown bears in the bear farm, and you can see male brown bears at Farm 1, female brown bears at Farm 2, and 0-year-old cubs at Baby Bear Farm (end of April ~ beginning of December). Bears in Ranch 1 and Ranch 2 can be given bear treats. Enjoy the feeding experience with cute bears begging for treats! The male bears in the first farm are much larger than the females and beg for snacks leisurely. In addition, there is a "human cage" where you can observe bears at close range through the glass, so you can enjoy watching bears carefully. Please enjoy a commemorative photo with the bear through the glass. The female bears in Ranch No. 2 are very active, standing on two legs, lying down, and begging for treats in fancy poses. You can observe the movement, dexterity and cleverness of the bear. In addition, the second farm also holds individual replacement events for "young bears" and "veteran bears" on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. In addition, we hold "Bear Athletics" twice a day where you can see bears' abilities such as excellent sense of balance and manual dexterity, such as "log walking" and "forage hunting" by bears. In addition to bears, "squirrel enclosure" also raises Eurasian red squirrel and chipmunks. Ducks are raised at the duck racing course, and you can watch duck races 6 times a day. If you successfully hit the target of the duck that finishes with one dress, you will receive original goods. Bear Farm has plenty of other facilities to enjoy! The Brown Bear Museum exhibits materials about taxidermy and brown bears by generation. On the second floor, there is also a trick art corner where brown bears jump out. Please enjoy taking a commemorative photo. At Kumayama Cafe on the first floor, you can enjoy coffee and sweets, as well as original menus with bear motifs such as "Bear Foot Curry" and various gourmet foods such as Noboribetsu local gourmet "Enma Ramen". On the roof of the Brown Bear Museum, there is also the "Lake Kuttara Observatory"! You can overlook Lake Kuttara and the primeval forests of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, the Pacific Ocean, Orofure Pass, Mt. Raiba, the Oshima Peninsula and the Shimokita Peninsula. "Ainu Village (Ainu Kotan)" is an area where you can experience the culture of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido. Ainu dwellings and valuable tools such as porocipu (large boats) and tamasai (necklaces) are on display. The shop in the facility is lined with various souvenirs such as cute bear goods and original products, and you can take home wonderful memories with the bears. Next, we will introduce access to the Noboribetsu Bear Park. From Sapporo, it takes about 90~110 minutes by train, highway bus or car. 【Access from Sapporo】 ◎ Access by train (about 90 minutes) From JR Sapporo Station, get off at Noboribetsu Station. Take the Donan Bus, get off at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and walk for about 5 minutes. ◎ Access by highway bus (about 110 minutes) From Sapporo, take the Donan Bus, get off at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and walk for about 5 minutes. ◎ Access by car (about 100 minutes) From Sapporo, take the expressway to Sapporo Kita IC, take the Hokkaido Expressway to Noboribetsu Higashi IC, and then take the general road for about 10 minutes. From New Chitose Airport, it takes 70~80 minutes by train, highway bus or car. 【Access from New Chitose Airport】 ◎ Access by train (about 80 minutes) Take the bus from JR New Chitose Station and get off at Noboribetsu Station. Take the Donan Bus, get off at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and walk for about 5 minutes. ◎ Access by highway bus (about 75 minutes) From New Chitose, take the Donan Bus, get off at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and walk for about 5 minutes. ◎ Access by car (about 70 minutes) From New Chitose, take the expressway to Tomakomai Higashi IC, take the Hokkaido Expressway to Noboribetsu Higashi IC, and then take the general road for about 10 minutes. A parking lot is available. To enter the Noboribetsu Bear Park, you need to take the ropeway (gondola lift). ※ Round-trip ropeway fare is included in the admission fee of the Noboribetsu Bear Park. You can get on from "Ropeway Mountain Base Station" in Noboribetsu hot spring town. While enjoying the superb view, the ropeway experience of about 7 minutes is perfect for memories of your trip! Finally, we will introduce some of the sightseeing spots around Noboribetsu Bear Park. Located in the northeast of Noboribetsu Onsen Town, Noboribetsu Jigokudani is the source of Noboribetsu Onsen. It is an explosive volcanic site with a diameter of about 450 meters and an area of about 11 ha, and white steam rises from the fumaroles. In Noboribetsu Jigokudani, a slope is installed, and you can observe the air outlet with a truly hellish atmosphere up close. Karakuri Enmado, which was created as a commemorative project for the 30th Noboribetsu Hell Festival, is also a popular tourist spot. There are six times a day called "Judgment of Hell" (10 a.m., 11 a.m., 13 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Enma-sama's expression changes for about 5 minutes. We hope you will enjoy these sightseeing spots with your Noboribetsu Bear Park. Information on Noboribetsu Bear Park admission fees (as of August 2023). It is 2,800 yen for adults and 1,400 yen for children (free for children under 3 years old). On website ticket sites such as JTB and PassMarket, there are also advance tickets that can be purchased at a great price. It can also be purchased at convenience stores, so please refer to the official website when purchasing. At "Noboribetsu Bear Park", you can enjoy a trip to Hokkaido full of wonderful memories. We will continue to provide you with the latest information on Noboribetsu Bear Park, so thank you!
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Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
Jul. 11, 2023
【Let's take a hot air balloon ride in Hokkaido during summer vacation】 2023 Tokachi Obihiro Summer Vacation Hot Air Balloon Mooring Experience Boarding Event 15 days from July 22 (Sat) ~ August 5 (Sat) We will hold a hot air balloon mooring experience boarding event in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. Pre-registration is required, and the first 200 people will be recruited each day. 【Click here ☟ for advance registration】 select-type.com/rsv/?id=W6IuJVZJP60&c_id=293870... "Getting up early is hard, but it's a rare experience!" "I've loved ballooning since I was a kid!" "I was excited when I floated around!" "It was a good memory for my child!" It has been well received in various places. Why don't you make 🤗 it a special memory of your summer vacation and free research? Wake up early and enjoy an exhilarating "sky" experience. Dates: July 22 (Sat) ~ August 5 (Sat) Hours: 6:00~9:00 (pre-registration required: about 200 people) Location: Midorigaoka Park Obihiro Green Stage Square Location: 〒080-0846 Midorigaoka 2, Obihiro City, Hokkaido Fee: Adults (junior high school students and older) 3,000 yen      Children (elementary school students) 1,500 yen (accompanied by a guardian)      Preschoolers 500 yen (accompanied by a guardian) ※ The minimum number of participants is 70. If there are less than 70 people, it may be canceled. * The schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions. Please note. * Hot air balloons are vulnerable to wind and are easily affected by the weather, so the probability of boarding increases earlier in the day. <Contact> AirB Hot Air Balloon Operation Organization www.air-b.com/airb_new/news/news230622_01.html TEL:042-394-9078 (Weekdays 10:00~17:00)
Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association
Jun. 17, 2023
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! It is the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association! We propose a tour program that allows you to enjoy the nature and charm of Ogimi Village! In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the tour program of Ogimi Village sightseeing along with the attractive sightseeing spots and traditional culture of Ogimi Village! First of all, I would like to introduce Ogimi Village. Ogimi Village is a village famous for its longevity located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, about 2 hours by highway from Naha Airport. It is the gateway to the Yanbaru area, registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, and has a population of about 3,200. This "Yanbaru" area consists of three villages, Ogimi Village, Kunigami Village, and Higashi Village, and there are animals and plants that are highly regarded worldwide. Then, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots and events in Ogimi Village. ・Lower community of Ogimi Ontake It is a sacred spot where about 70 large billow trees, which were designated as a prefectural natural monument in 1974, grow in clusters. It is a treasure trove of nature where you can fully enjoy the original scenery of Ogimi Village, and you may be able to see the spirit "Bunagaya" that lives in the forests of Okinawa. ・Ogimi Shikusa Park If you turn on the wooden faucet at the entrance of the Seekwasa specialized facility, you can taste the Seekwasa juice. You can tour the Seekwasa factory, and at the restaurant, you can taste cheese pizza and island vegetable salad with the aroma of Seekwasa. ・Ogimi Village Summer Festival Held every year in August, the village's largest festival hosts stage events such as tuna dismantling shows, Eisa performances, and Hawaiian dances, and the finale of the festival is a fireworks festival that colors the summer night sky of Ogimi Village. As you can see, there are many attractive sightseeing spots in Ogimi Village, but you can enjoy a special time in Ogimi Village where you can learn about the warmth of people, climate, and history through activities where you can experience nature and interact with the people living in Ogimi Village, rather than just ordinary sightseeing around sightseeing spots. We, the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association, recommend experiential and stay-type exchange programs. ・Experience programs that take advantage of the rich natural environment ・Private lodging program that coexists with rich nature ・Exchange programs to experience diverse cultures Based on the above three programs, junior high and high school students experience the culture of Ogimi Village through "agricultural experience," "farm life experience," "nature experience," and "cultural experience" on school trips. Private lodging and farming experiences can be enjoyed by ordinary travelers and inbound tourists alike. There are plenty of optional plans such as marine sports in Churaumi and Okinawan traditional performing arts Eisa experience, so please feel free to contact us. Beautiful scenery, rich nature, history from the Ryukyu Kingdom, traditional culture, and heartfelt hospitality. The village that contains all of these is Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture. We will continue to introduce plenty of attractive information about Ogimi Village sightseeing in the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!
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Dec. 14, 2022
This is Rembrandt Style Sapporo. Rembrandt Style Sapporo offers easy access to popular tourist attractions in Sapporo. Here we will introduce the sightseeing spots around the hotel. 【Sapporo City Clock Tower】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 15 minutes on foot The Sapporo Clock Tower is a historical building that was the predecessor of Hokkaido University and was used as a demonstration hall for the Sapporo Agricultural College. It was built in 1878 (Meiji 11) and is designated as a nationally designated important cultural property. 【Odori Park】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 15 minutes on foot Odori Park is also famous as a venue for the Lilac Festival in spring, the Yosakoi Soran Festival and beer garden in summer, the Autumn Fest where Hokkaido food gathers in autumn, and the Snow Festival and White Illuminations in winter. It is also an oasis in the office district with about 4,700 trees. 【Susukino】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 4 minutes on foot Susukino is one of the leading entertainment districts in Japan and is also known as one of the "three major entertainment districts in Japan". There are many restaurants lined up, so it is the best spot to enjoy Hokkaido gourmet. 【Maruyama Zoo】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 7 minutes by car Maruyama Zoo is one of the leading zoos in Hokkaido with about 170 species and 900 animals. Polar bears are especially popular, and you can interact with sheep at the children's zoo. 【Sapporo TV Tower】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 14 minutes on foot The Sapporo TV Tower, completed in 1956, is located in Odori Park, which divides the center of Sapporo from north to south. From the observatory about 90 meters above the ground, you can overlook the area around Sapporo, and the beauty of the illumination at night is recommended. 【Central Wholesale Market Outer Market】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 7 minutes by car Located next to the Central Wholesale Market in Sapporo's kitchen, about 60 stores sell the freshest seafood purchased from the Central Wholesale Market. There are many restaurants such as rice bowls, set meals, and ramen, so why not enjoy Hokkaido gourmet? 【Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Government Building)】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 18 minutes on foot The former Hokkaido Government Office Building is a brick Western-style building that was once built as the main office building of the Hokkaido Government Office, and was built in 1888 (Meiji 21). It still retains its original appearance, and the museum is open to the public free of charge, and materials tracing the history of Hokkaido are also on display. 【Nakajima Park (Sapporo, Hokkaido)】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 13 minutes on foot Nakajima Park has been certified as one of the "Top 100 City Parks in Japan" and is a park rich in nature. You can enjoy cherry blossoms and wisteria flowers in spring, kishoub in summer, and red and yellow leaves in autumn. 【Hokkaido Shrine】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 7 minutes by car Hokkaido Jingu is one of the representative shrines of Hokkaido and is said to be one of the best power spots in Hokkaido. In the spring season, it is also popular as a famous spot for cherry blossoms in full bloom in the precincts of about 180,000 square meters (about 4 times the size of Tokyo Dome). 【Sapporo Okurayama Observatory】 ・Access from Rembrandt Style Sapporo: 13 minutes by car At the Sapporo Okurayama Observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Sapporo and the Ishikari Plain from the jumping platform where international ski jumping competitions are held. At the observation deck at an altitude of 307 meters, you can travel by a two-seater lift that is also used by ski jumpers. Please use Rembrandt Style Sapporo and enjoy sightseeing in Sapporo at these spots. Please check the reservation of Rembrandt Style Sapporo from the official website listed in the profile section. ■Rembrandt Style Sapporo Information■ 【Address】〒064-0807 Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 7-jo Nishi 5-chome 【Phone number】011-522-5746
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