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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
Feb. 2, 2024
The 33rd Shiratori Festival Sairinka is now being held! Approximately 600 light objects set to the music and create a fantastic show. The 30-minute session consists of Part 1 / Light Fantasy Show and Part 2 / Light Elect Dancing Show. The music selection is music that can be enjoyed by children, the elderly, and overseas tourists. On the promenade "Hikari no Alley" that connects the venue from the Tokachi River hot spring district, winter cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and a new photo spot with the image of Japanese has been installed! In -20°C, please enjoy the "winter cherry blossoms" that bloom the earliest in Japan. 【Period】Saturday, January 27, 2024 ~ Sunday, February 18, 2024 [Lighting time] 19:00~21:00 【Place】Tokachigaoka Park [Parking lot] available (about 100 cars, free) 【Event Maintenance Cooperation Fee】Junior high school students and older: 500 yen per person * Tokachigawa Onsen guests (tourism association member facilities), Otofuke residents, elementary school students and younger are free of charge. * Otofuke residents are required to present an official ID card that shows their address.
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Shintoku Tourism Association
Jan. 16, 2024
Sorry to keep you waiting! Shintokuyama Ski Resort will finally open from January 20th! This winter, there was a big difference in temperature in Shintoku Town, and the snow accumulation was delayed, but the snow from the end of the year to the other day made it possible to open safely. Shintokuyama Ski Resort is a family slope that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced skiers. The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular, and you can enjoy a thrilling run while looking at Mt. Mekan and the Daisetsuzan mountain range in the distance. ●1.3km from Shintoku Station, 4 minutes by car, 15 minutes on foot ● Rental set available [Contact: 0156-64-5546] For details, please check the Shintoku Town website.
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Tomakomai Tourism Association
Jan. 16, 2024
⛄ Skate Festival specialty "Shibareyaki" tickets are now on sale! ⛸️ On Saturday, February 10th and Sunday, February 11th, the "58th Tomakomai Skate Festival" will be held at Central Park! 🥳 "Shibareyaki" refers to processing a drum into a grill and tasting 😊🥩🛢️ Genghis Khan in the cold At the time of the first Skating Festival, it was born to encourage members of the Self-Defense Forces to make snow sculptures and rinks, and from the second time, citizens have been able to enjoy it. This name came from the fact that it was baked inside. 💁‍♀️ Why don't you try the traditional taste! ✨ Tickets are now on sale at the city hall shop and COCOTOMA! 🎫 【Tomakomai City Hall Shop】 Address: 〒053-0018 4-5-6 Asahicho, Tomakomai City 1st floor 【COCOTOMA】 Address: 〒053-0022 5-11-5 Omotemachi, Tomakomai City Furendo Building / Tenant Building 1F
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