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28 days ago
Nice to meet you! This is the Tsubetsu Tourism Association. With a population of about 4,100 (as of 2023), Tsubetsu-cho, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido, is located in eastern Hokkaido and is a town rich in nature with forests occupying about 80% of the town's area. In this first post in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the charm of Tsubetsu Town, which is blessed with nature! The climate of Tsubetsu Town is characterized by high temperatures in summer and severe cold in winter due to the influence of drift ice. There is little rainfall, sunny days, and the sunshine rate is one of the best in Japan. We will introduce access to Tsubetsu Town. By plane, it takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Haneda Airport to Memanbetsu Airport. It takes about 45 minutes from New Chitose Airport to Memanbetsu Airport. If you use JR (Limited Express), it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes ~ 5 hours from JR Hokkaido Sapporo Station to Kitami Station. The bus takes the "Highway Bus Dreamint Okhotsk-go" from Sapporo Station to Kitami Station in about 5 hours. Access by car is about 5 hours from Sapporo Station to Tsubetsu Town. Tsubetsu Town, which is rich in forests, has been certified as a "Forest Therapy Base (R)" for the healing effects of forests that have been scientifically elucidated! At the Tsubetsu Townspeople's Forest Nature Park, which is called "Nonno Forest" by the residents of Tsubetsu, you can walk in the forest throughout the year. In addition, the "Nonno Forest Nature Center" attached to the Nonno Forest has various guided tours, so you can easily experience forest therapy (R). (Reservation required) There are many popular sightseeing spots in Tsubetsu, but this time we will introduce the most recommended spots! Lake Kussharo is a caldera lake in which rainwater accumulates in a large depression created when a volcano erupts. The Tsubetsu Pass Observatory located at Tsubetsu Pass on the outer ring of the Lake Kussharo caldera is located at an altitude of 947 meters, the highest of the surrounding observation facilities, and is a superb scenic spot where you can see not only Lake Kussharo, but also the Sea of Okhotsk, the Daisetsu Mountains, and the Sea of Clouds. The sea of clouds can be seen from June to autumn. Many photographers also visit to capture the beautiful scenery of the sunrise and sea of clouds. Aioi Railway Park, which has been converted into a park from the site of the former Kitami Aioi Station, is an irresistible spot for railway fans who have preserved rare old rolling stock such as "Kiha 22" and "Suhafu 16". There is also a café "Station Building Cafe Holoka" in the old station building, where you can enjoy home-roasted coffee and sweets made with local ingredients. Located in the forest, Roadside Station Aioi Biological Product Center is ideal for enjoying local gourmet food and looking for wonderful souvenirs. Kumayaki House, which sells freshly baked Aioi specialty kumayaki, is a popular shop that sometimes has a line on holidays. The "Sobiosan Museum" in the roadside station sells handmade tofu, juwari soba noodles, and other specialty products of Tsubetsu Town, as well as handmade products. You can also buy cute Kumayaki goods! Tsubetsu Town is dotted with campsites where you can enjoy nature. "21st Century Forest Campsite" is a campsite with a large lawn near the city. There are many children's playground equipment and it is popular with families. Since the Tsubetsu River flows, you can enjoy fishing and playing in the water! If you stay for one night, one tent will cost 500 yen. Other costs will be incurred depending on the conditions, so please check the official website when you come. The period of use is from May 1 ~ October 31 (may change depending on weather conditions) "Chimikep Lake Campground" is a free campsite located on the shore of Chimikep Lake surrounded by primeval forest. There is also a "Wild Bird Park" on the north side of Lake Chimikep where you can enjoy bird watching. In addition, there is a bird observation house, an arboretum, a hotel, and a walking path in the vicinity. The period of use is mid-May ~ the end of October (may change depending on weather conditions, etc.) Please note that auto camping is not possible.) Next, we will introduce the gourmet food that Tsubetsu Town is proud of! In Tsubetsu Town, onions are grown with special cultivation and organic cultivation. When heated, the sweetness increases and it is difficult to boil and crumble, which is a characteristic of onions from Tsubetsu Town! In addition, "Tsubetsu Wagyu" is an exquisite beef from Tsubetsu Town that is also recognized as a brand beef. Tsubetsu Wagyu beef raised on rice straw or wheat straw has a moderate amount of fat crossing, and the recommended cooking method for Wagyu beef with a juicy taste is yakiniku or sukiyaki. Onions and tsubetsu Wagyu beef are also sold at the hometown tax payment in Tsubetsu Town. Tsubetsu is full of hotels where you can stay comfortably! Please spend a relaxing time surrounded by beautiful nature. Lakes, forests, mountains, and other natural blessings of Hokkaido can be enjoyed in Tsubetsu Town. Please experience the unique charm of Tsubetsu Town and make memorable memories of your trip. We will continue to deliver information about Tsubetsu Town in the future. Thank you in advance!
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Oumu Tourist Association
Aug. 9, 2023
Nice to meet you, Omu Town Tourism Association! Hokkaido Omu Town faces the Sea of Okhotsk. The sunrise from the horizon is also a symbol of the town. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS's first post, we will introduce you to Omu Town and the highlights of Hokkaido Omu Town where you can enjoy delicious food. There are no trains Omu Town, so you can get there by car, rental car, or bus. It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes ~ 5 hours 30 minutes by expressway from Sapporo. If you are traveling by air, please use Asahikawa Airport or Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport. It takes about 3 hours by car from Asahikawa Airport Omu Town and about 1 hour Omu Town from Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport. The climate (weather) in Omu Town is cool throughout the year, especially from January to March, when drift ice docks in the Sea of Okhotsk, so the temperature is low. In winter, the temperature may drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius on some days, so be careful about the cold when visiting. Next, we will introduce the representative sightseeing spots of Omu Town. The recommended base for sightseeing in Omu Town is "Roadside Station Oumu" in the center of Omu Town city. You can also sell Omu Town specialties, look for souvenirs, and enjoy local gourmet foods such as "Dattan Soba". Dattan soba (Dattan Soba) is also called "bitter soba noodles" and contains about 100 times more "rutin", which is a type of polyphenol and the source of bitterness, about 100 times more than normal soba noodles, but now it is easy to eat because we have planted a variety called "Manten Kirari" that softens the bitterness and retains the nutrients. Rutin has a powerful antioxidant effect, so it can be expected to prevent weekly illness and improve blood sugar and blood pressure, making it a soba noodle that has been attracting attention due to the health boom in recent years. There is also an observation deck modeled after an airship 24 meters above the ground, and it is also a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Obu. Located about 12 minutes by car from downtown Omu Town, Cape Hinode is a superb view point of sunrise. On the small hill of the cape, there is also the all-glass "Cape Hinode Observatory La Luna", and there are binoculars that can be used free of charge at the observatory. "La Luna" means "moon" in Italian. It is said that it was named "It seems that the moon floats above the cape." You can enjoy the scenery of the Sea of Okhotsk in summer and the panoramic view of over 180 degrees in front of you during the drift ice season in winter. There is "Omu Town Cape Hinode Campsite" about 7 minutes on foot from Cape Hinode. It consists of a free site and bungalows, and is bustling during the summer camp every year. You can spend a comfortable time surrounded by nature. There is also Hotel Cape Hinode around this campsite where you can take a day trip, so please use it when sightseeing Omu Town. Here, we will deliver information on Omu Town's specialties and recommended gourmet food! The specialty of Hokkaido Omu Town is delicious seafood nurtured by rich nature. Among seafood, fresh scallops, hairy crabs, and salmon are gaining popularity. Since you can fully enjoy the bounty of the sea, processed products are also recommended as souvenirs! Hokkaido Omu Town's hometown tax payment offers thank-you goods that take advantage of these rich nature and local specialties such as delicious marine products. The popular "saltwater sea urchin (Ezobahun sea urchin)" (2023 has already ended) is grown by eating the nutrient-rich Rishiri kelp that grows in Obu, and is characterized by its rich taste. In addition, the mineral-rich scallops caught in Omu Town, where scallop fishing is popular, can be grilled, fried, and of course sashimi. Omu Town, the breeding and production of "Angus beef" is also thriving. In general cattle barn, they are raised on high-calorie food, but Angus cows are raised on large pastures and are characterized by relatively low fat and a lot of redness. As a gift in return for hometown tax payment, "Angus beef set (frozen)" is also available, so please enjoy it. Please experience the charm of Omu Town in your own way, such as superb scenery rich in nature, gourmet food, and outdoor activities. In the future, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to deliver fascinating Omu Town information. Thank you very much!
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Kushiro Tourism & Convention Association
Jul. 30, 2023
★ Superb view from Yumegaoka Observatory! Kushiro Marsh ★ There is a 2.3-kilometer-long promenade leading to the Yumegaoka Observatory in the Takkobu Auto Campsite on the Kushiro Town. In the first half, you will walk along the wooden path, but you can meet ☺️ various animals and plants such as pink bridewort blooming in the sedge and marshland, frogs and wild birdsThe sound of the spring water is pleasant, and as you go, there are several slope stairs in the second half. From here, you need 😅 a lot of physical strength. However, when you arrive, there is a magnificent view ✨ of the Kushiro Marsh that makes you think, "I'm glad🙌 I did my best." Lake Takkobu, Kushiro River mainstream, railway tracks (depending on the time, you can see the Kushiro Main Line and Norocco) It is a wonderful view. There is a wooden bench so you can (^^) enjoy the scenery at your leisure. Sneakers are OK! There are a lot of mosquitoes in summer, so it would 🙂 be nice to have an insect repellent spray. There are no vending machines when you enter the wooden path, so be 😉 sure to bring water with you. *************************** Location: 65-2 Tatsukobu, Kushiro DistrictKushiro Town, Takkobu Auto Campsite Time required: 2.3 km one way / about 30 minutes 21 km by car from Kushiro Station, about 30 minutes *************************** #Kushiro City #Kushiro Sightseeing #Kushiro Marsh #Yumegaoka Observatory
Tohma Promotion Corporation
Jun. 13, 2023
Hi everyone! This is Touma Promotion Corporation! Toma-chō, Hokkaido is a town with a population of about 6,500 located in Kamikawa District (Ishikari Province) in central Hokkaido. It is 30 minutes by car from Asahikawa Airport, and 30 minutes by train from JR Asahikawa Station to Toma Station, making it easy to access! It is a town where agriculture and forestry are thriving, and agriculture is an excellent rice production area that represents Hokkaido, and it has won first place in Hokkaido's rice ranking for 12 consecutive years. The annual climate and weather of Toma Town is characterized by a large difference in temperature between winter and summer, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the four seasons. This is my first post to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so I will introduce some of the main sightseeing spots in Toma Town. "Roadside Station Touma" is a popular spot that handles fresh local ingredients and specialties and is appreciated not only by locals but also by tourists visiting Tomamachi. At "Kuruminano no Kiyukan", you can feel close to wood produced in Tomamachi by experiencing lumber, making wood, and exhibiting and selling wood products. Please experience the "tree culture" of Toma Town with your children. Next, I would like to introduce the Toma Bell Cave. Toma Bell Cave is a 132-meter-long limestone cave that was built 150,000 years ago and was discovered in 1957 (1957 (Showa 32)). It was designated as a Hokkaido Natural Monument in the 1961 (Showa 36). The mysterious limestone cave will tickle your sense of adventure, and you will be impressed by the magnificent natural beauty that stretches deep underground. "Toma Dam" overwhelms people with its magnificent appearance. In harmony with nature, the area around the dam has a beautiful landscape and is loved by visitors as a great place for walks and picnics. "Toumayama Park Golf Course" is a golf course that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced players, and you can spend a luxurious time enjoying sports in the magnificent scenery of Hokkaido's beautiful nature. If you want to feel the nature of Toma Town with your children, friends, and family, we recommend field athletics and campsites! You can spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and become one with nature. We will also introduce the specialties of Toma Town! Speaking of special products of Toma Town, "Densuke Suika" is famous. The watermelon is pitch black and has a powerful appearance, but the flesh is bright red and has a sweet and juicy taste. It is a brand watermelon from Tomamachi that is full of sweetness, and in the first shipment, the maximum celebratory price was 750,000 yen per ball. "Densukesuika" has many fans nationwide and is very popular as a gift in return for hometown tax payment. In addition, the "roses" of Toma Town are also known as a special product, and have won numerous awards at rose competitions in Japan and overseas. Various events and festival are held in Toma Town throughout the year, but you can't miss the "Banryu Festival" held on the first Sunday of August every year. Various programs such as the local performing arts "Ryu Taiko" and the powerful "Ryu Odori" are prepared, and the fireworks festival that decorates the finale of the festival brightly colors the night sky of Toma Town. A town in harmony with nature, Toma Town in Hokkaido. It is full of attractions from sightseeing spots to local specialties and events. While feeling the atmosphere of the four seasons, please enjoy an experience that can only be experienced in Tomamachi. We will continue to send out more charms and the latest information of Toma Town, so please look forward to it!
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Niikappu Tourism Association
Jun. 9, 2023
How do you do. Niikappu Tourism Association. Located in the central part of the Hidaka area in southern Hokkaido, Niikappu is an attractive town where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the four seasons, unique sightseeing spots, and delicious gourmet food. Niikappu is also known as a production area for famous horses such as "Hi Seiko" and "Narita Bryan", and it is also a cultural town where horses and music live together. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS's first post, we will introduce the charm of the thoroughbred and music town of Niikappu. First of all, the weather in Niikappu is refreshing and pleasant in summer, and bitterly cold in winter, but there is relatively little snow. In the four seasons of nature, you can refresh your mind and body. At the Niikappu, you can enjoy fresh seafood and dishes made with local vegetables. Please try local specialties such as peppers and asparagus, which boast the highest shipment volume in Hokkaido. The bell pepper soft-serve ice cream sold at "Roadside Station Thoroughbred Road Niikappu" is also very popular. In addition, the roadside station sells boxed sweets, cute horse goods, and handmade goods that are perfect for souvenirs, so you can experience the local taste and culture. There are hotels in Niikappu where you can stay comfortably while watching the beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Please spend a relaxing time in a quiet environment surrounded by nature. There are also plenty of campsites, so you can enjoy the great nature of Hokkaido. In particular, at the Judgekankan Forest Park, you can enjoy not only a campsite surrounded by nature, but also various activities such as Cape Judge with a view of the Pacific Ocean, a promenade, and field athletics. In addition, the "Les Cords Museum", a tourist attraction that is irresistible for music lovers, exhibits antique records and musical instruments with historical value, and you can feel the historical value. At the observation room of Yujun Tower in the center, you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean and the city from a height of 25 meters above the ground while drinking coffee and other drinks, and spend a relaxing time by looking at exhibits such as souvenirs of racehorses produced in the Niikappu. We will deliver information on Niikappu's attractive sightseeing spots, gourmet food, hotels, nature, etc. to everyone.
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