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May. 30, 2022
... To my daughter... You're 24 years old . Shield with a quarrel in front of one cho Both of them are relatively polite Flying around one after another You who hate to lose always throw away the line at the end In my heart while being angry You don't know that you think it's cute. I want you to have flowers. We still can't afford to lose But I wonder if they always let me have flowers in defeat. I'll lose when you're a parent We both had a fever today、、、 . . We both laughed a lot. You both went on a date. I made a promise to date every year until I pulled my back. Your smile is all over the house. You don't even know that just having you makes the whole house lively and bright. Remember how I cried in front of you once? Always at the table I wonder if it's spoiled to leave only the case of natto. Please do it yourself to go up one step at the entrance and take off your shoes in the hallway. It's just me that I can't tidy up the room I kept being told that we looked a lot alike. My heart rejoiced every time I was told that. I'm afraid of ghosts I ran through the front door, The lights in the hallway are always on, and even now. When you take a bath at home, there is a lot of hot water. It's also chlorinated hot water. There are still things I don't know. I want to give the ring before anyone else, When you were born, I gave you a ring with a congratulatory plate. The first man you ever got a ring in your life is Daddy. I still have it carefully stored in my chest of drawers. My favorite time is when I'm talking to you. You are very caring and very kind. There are so many things I like Have a lot of good love. Find the best person below Daddy. Dear daughter, At midnight on the day of the quarrel Ever since I was given it, I have always thought of you as a treasure . . . Let's go camping together. . . . .
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