Thank you for all your submissions!
※Winners were contacted via direct message on the site.


The 11th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is now underway!
The theme of this photo contest is "Japan's Outdoors."

Since the Corona pandemic began, the popularity of outdoor activities skyrocketed in various parts of Japan as a way to have fun with just family and relatives.
Therefore, we invite everyone to submit photos of Japan's outdoors and share with people how you enjoy the outdoors in Japan!
Please post your favorite photos related to outdoor activities in Japan, including activities like camping, barbecuing, cycling, mountain climbing, fishing, marine activities, etc., with your comments and the location where each photo was taken.

Any photography equipment is fine!
We're looking forward to receiving everyone's wonderful submissions!
Photo Contest
Past Winners
23th Contest's Theme: Japanese History
22th Contest's Theme: Spring in Japan
21th Contest's Theme: Views of Japan to Preserve for the Future
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The number of photographers participating in the photo contest is increasing rapidly!
Please use it as a place to communicate with other photographers


Grand Prize
One winner will receive a 30,000-yen Amazon gift card
Honorable Mentions
Five winners will receive 10,000 yen Amazon gift cards
photo contest
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How to Enter

photo contest How to Enter
First, login to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS. If you don't have an account yet, register for a free account.
photo contest How to Enter2
Go to "MyPage" and click on the text box that says "Post Your Favorites of Japan" to make a post.

①Select a photo
②When posting, please include an explanation of the photo as well as your hopes and thoughts for Outdoor.
③Select the "#Outdoors" and "#Photo Contest" from the tags

Selection Criteria

① Photographs must convey the appeal of Japan's Outdoors

② Be sure to apply the tags "Outdoors” and "Photo Contest" when posting, by using the "tag" button to the left of the red "post" button
※Please select the tag button rather than writing it as text

③In the body of the post, please write the location where the photo was taken and your thoughts about the photo/how it made you feel.
※Photos submitted with only tags and without the aforementioned descriptions will not be considered when selecting winning photos.
The more detailed the description, the more our team can understand the context of the photo and the emotions of the photographer when selecting winners, so please be sure to include these descriptions in the body of the post.

④ The number of "likes" your photo gets on "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" will also be taken into consideration.

⑤ Please only submit one photo at a time. You can post as many times as you like!

⑥ You can use any photography equipment!

⑦ Your photo must meet the selection criteria in the following guidelines

Tips for getting more likes on your posts

Share your posts on social media
Click the share button
Click the share button
Select where you want to share it
Select where you want to share it
Embed it in your own blog or website
Click the three-dot button
Click the three-dot button
Select Embed and copy the URL
Select Embed and copy the URL


COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site to share the beauty of
Japan with people from all over the world who are interested in Japan.
Various search functions

Various search functions

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is equipped with various search functions, such as free word search, channel search, area search, tag search, and more!
COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is equipped with various search functions, such as free word search, channel search, area search, tag search, and more!

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is equipped with various search functions, such as free word search, channel search, area search, tag search, and more!

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social inbound site with a built-in, real-time translation feature! You can communicate with users from all over the world without worrying about language barriers.
Use videos to learn about things you're interested in

Use videos to learn about things you're interested in

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Free Membership

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Submission Guidelines

【Prize Money】
Grand Prize: 30,000 yen (1 winner)
Honorable mentions 10,000 yen (5 winners)

【Regarding the Announcement of Winning Photos】
■Winners will be announced on this campaign page.
※If you were selected, a prize button will be displayed on "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" around the middle of July, and the management staff will contact you via message on "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS."
If you do not visit this site often, we recommend setting up notifications for the email address you use regularly.
■Please note that if we are unable to contact a winner by the end of May their selection and winnings will be forfeit.
■Please note that prizes will be sent out in early June.

【Submission Period】
May. 1, 2022 0:00 AM – Jun. 30 2022 11:59 PM (JST)

【Selection Criteria】
■The COOL JAPAN VIDEOS staff will evaluate submissions fairly and impartially.
■The theme is Japan's Outdoors.
We're looking forward to your photo submissions that showcase the appeal of Japan's Outdoors!
■Please only submit one photo at a time. You can submit as many different photos as you like!
■Select the tags "#Outdoors” and "#Photo Contest" and write a few words about what you were thinking when you took the photo, as well as a description of the photo, including the location where it was taken, in the body of the post.
The more detailed the description, the more the judges will understand the context and the better they can judge the photo as a whole.
It's also easier for those who view the photo to relate to it, which in turn increases the number of likes you’ll get!
■Photos taken with smartphones and other devices, as well as SLR and digital cameras, can also be submitted.
■Photos that have been drastically edited (e.g. composites) will not be considered for the campaign.
※Cropping, color enhancement, and other image editing is fine.
■Each person can post as many photos as they wish.
■All nationalities, genders, and ages are welcome.
■We will use the number of "Likes" that pictures posted to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS get as a reference, so be sure to share your posts on other SNS sites or use the embedding feature to share them on your personal blog!
■If a submitted photo has a credit notation or a photographer signature/logo that interferes with the atmosphere of the photo, said photo's consideration for selection may be negatively impacted during the process of selecting winning photos.

【Guidelines】 Photos with even one of the following are not eligible for this campaign.
■Photos from outside of Japan
■Photos that infringe or may infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, honorary rights, rights of publicity, rights of privacy, trust, or other rights or interests of others.
■Photos against public order and morals

The copyright to the submitted photos belongs to the contributor, however, by posting, contributors are agreeing to allow us to use the photos in our promotional videos, on special pages of "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS," and in promotions on the official social media accounts of "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS."

We look forward to receiving your submissions!!

Be sure to share this page with everyone!