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  • Hello! While working at a ramen shop, I taught myself cameras and took cameras as a hobby. Thank you.
  • I take a lot of pictures centered on the landscape.
  • When I look at the casual scenery of everyday life and the flowers that appear in the city a little, I am impressed by their beauty and exquisiteness.
  • My hobby is 😊 photography
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  • @pashadelic Photographer @shikokucameraclub Founder 📖 Photocon Life 2020 Autumn Issue 📖 "Kunihito Otsubo's tricky photography technique" 📖 Photocon Life / Photolife Four Seasons / Cover & Beginning 📷 Tokyo Camera Club 2020 Photo Exhibition "The World Is Still Beautiful" ●Instagram @kunihito_ohtsubo ●Shikoku Camera Club @shikokucameraclub
  • Superb view of Japan🏞🏝 I hope you will visit ✨ Instagram as well. We post ☺️ photos of Japan scenery that make you want to travel.
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    Hello. I love traveling and watching sports, and I travel all over Japan and abroad. In Japan country, there are only 45 prefectures, and only Tokushima and Shimane prefectures remain.
  • Born ❗️ and raised in Tokyo After traveling alone at the age of 25, he learned about the charm of the countryside and currently lives in Shikoku. We will 🎵 upload mainly photos of Shikoku He is also publishing articles as a certified writer. I would be happy if you could see the article along with the photo.
  • We make food our purpose in life. I especially love ramen and sweets. Based in Osaka, Japan is eating around the country and eating various genres.
  • Hello. This is Hiroyuki Ishimoto, who loves Kochi Prefecture.
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