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  • Ashoro is located in the northeastern part of Tokachi, Hokkaido, and has an administrative area of about 1,408 square kilometers, making it the largest town and village in Japan. Forestry and agriculture are thriving, and about 80% of the area is mountain forest, and the town has a population of about 6,500 people. It is also the birthplace of singer-songwriter Chiharu Matsuyama, and the popular tourist facility [Roadside Station Ashoro Ginga Hall 21] has "Chiharu Matsuyama Gallery", as well as restaurants and shops.
  • I have lived in Kobe for a long time, but I am spending my days rediscovering our town through photography. I would be very happy if you could see it! !! Thank you very much.
  • Hiroshima's Like! We are active on the theme of. Please 🙏 take a look if you like
  • Thank you in advance

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