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Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
3 days ago
[Delicious and fun Spring market] You can enjoy delicious gourmet food and a children's fair. Nishiokoppe market! This year, it was held over three days during the Golden Week. On the first day, the tent was almost blown away. A strong wind blew through the storm Σ (゚Д゚) This time, the village Western-style restaurant, Harapekodo, also Stalls! They were selling Margherita pizza. At the children's fair, there is an annual rock-paper-scissors project Children's raffle, yo-yo fishing and candy fishing are available ✨. Attracted by attractive sweets and toys It seems that there were some children who tried again and again. Other Stalls are here! * Setoushi-kun grilled and chiffon cake * Soba noodles topped with Sansai tempura, Udon noodles * Yezo sika deer balls, deer meat stewed in red wine Tempura packed with many ingredients such as Sansai It was exquisite even if you ate it as it is! (^^)! During the markets period, the flower park is open free of charge. There were many people who looked at the flowers that heralded the arrival of Springs. It's kind of nice when the Roadside Station is crowded. Thank you to everyone who came!! #Nishiokoppe Village #Roadside Station #Kamu #Nishiokoppe market #GW #Gourmet #Children's Fair #Flower Park #Flowers #Spring
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