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Minami Makimura Tourism Association
Apr. 25, 2024
Nice to meet you all and welcome to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! It is Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture. Nagano Prefecture Minamisaku-gun Minamimaki Village is a village with a population of about 3,000 located in the east of Nagano Prefecture, with a Elevation difference of 1,000 to 1,500 meters Elevation. In the relatively flat area around 1300 meters, there are fields of highland vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and lettuce, which take advantage of the cool climate. In addition, it is one of Japan's leading starry sky observation spots and was selected as "Japan's most beautiful starry sky BEST3". In Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture, there are many starry sky observation spots. Located in the foot of Mt. of the Yatsugatake, it provides a pleasant Healing for those who visit rich Nature, fresh air and a beautiful starry sky. ■Introduction of sightseeing spots in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture ・JR Railway Highest Point Nobeyama Station Nobeyama Station on the JR Koumi Line is the Highest elevation station in Japan with an Elevation of 1345m67cm. From the front of the station, you can see Akadake of Yatsugatake. ・Takizawa Farm Takizawa Farm on the Yatsugatake Nobeyama Plateau is a ranch where you can interact with animals such as cows and horses, experience ranching programs, milking, ice cream making, and more. You can also have extraordinary experiences such as camping and athletic. ・National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Nobeyama Radio Observatory Implementation is a world-class observatory with "Night Tours" and "Learning Room Guides" every weekend from March 2024. ・Mt. Meshimori A large panorama overlooking Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji, and the Southern Alps spreads out. Since the Trekking course is Maintenance, children and beginners can enjoy the climbing mountain trail for about 1 hour. ・Yumoto Honzawa Onsen The Elevation 2150m "Unjo no Yu" in Yatsugatake and the "Koke Momo no Yu" with different Spring quality are the highest open-air baths in Japan. In the quiet Hot spring surrounded by Nature, you can relax both physically and mentally. ■Specialty products of Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture Minamimaki Village in Nagano Prefecture is known for its High quality agricultural products such as Phaseolus coccineus, strawberries, and Nagaimo. The taste of these locally Cultivation fresh Specialty Products is exceptional. ■Popular events and activities in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture You can enjoy a variety of Activities throughout the year, such as Yatsugatake Nobeyama Plateau 100km ultramarathons, trekking, Highland Cycling, Horseback Riding Experience, snowshoeing, and Starry sky night tour. ■Enjoy enjoying sightseeing in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture It is a Good access to about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from Tokyo, and it is also recommended for day trips. Spending time in Minamimaki Village, where you can face nature, will be a luxurious time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope you will create precious memories that will remain in your heart. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out recommended Information Minamimaki Village Nagano Prefecture, so Best regards!
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Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
Apr. 16, 2024
【Judge the Chicken】 The day after the screening of "A Butcher's Tale" The so-called "Bird Society" was held as a collaborative project. At the Minami Ranch where Dairy Farming runs in Nishiokoppe Nearly 50 people gathered. Wrap up the four birds, A project to make it delicious. The first bird is in the hands of a professional, From the second bird, the wisher squirmed. The finished chicken is made by the hands of skilled people. It is neatly divided into parts. If you cut it into small pieces and stick it on a skewer To the appearance of the yakitori that is sold. On the way, the fallen feathers fluttered in the wind. Some of the children who participated were: A child holds a feather with great care. In addition to bite-sized pieces of meat and roasted meat, With a soup made by boiling down chicken and vegetables I had ramen. In addition, all the participants brought their own All the dishes are delicious! The Filipino-style sweet rice balls were also delicious. There is also a surprise performance of the scoop shamisen. It was a day that made me realize how grateful I am to have such a place close to me. Thank you to everyone who cooperated. #Nishiokoppe Village #Hokkaido #Niwatori #Sabaku #Torikai #South Ranch #Potluck #Feathers fluttering in the wind #Quills #Scoop shamisen #Spring cheerfulness
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Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
Jul. 29, 2023
["Memuro Scattering" Guided Cycling Tour] This is a guide to cycling tours that you can experience in Tokachi "Memuro Town", Hokkaido, one of Japan's leading agricultural areas. In addition to the tour around the new Arashiyama, the Mo Mo Tour, and the Bisei Dam Exploration Tour, "Jersey cattle Fureai Walk" and "Memuro Horse Riding Tour" have also been added! We are grateful to local businesses for their cooperation. Get healthy by cycling and heal your mind and body by interacting with animals! In addition to those listed here, custom-made tours are also available, and only rental bicycles are available. If you are interested, please 🚲 make a reservation as soon as possible Details and application from 👇 the official website memurocycle.com/memuro_sansou/1730/ 🚲Hokkaido Memuro Cycletourism🚲 🚴 We are always accepting applications for the guided cycling tour "Memuro Scattering" where you can feel the agriculture, food, and nature of Tokachi, Hokkaido! memurocycle.com/memuro_sansou/1730/ 🏍 E-bike rental bicycles convenient for sightseeing in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido memurocycle.com/memuro_sansou/1714/
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Noboribetsu Tourism and Convention Association
Jun. 2, 2023
Noboribetsu City is a beautiful hot spring town surrounded by the rich nature of Hokkaido. Noboribetsu City is dotted with many wonderful spots that continue to fascinate visitors. This time, we will introduce in detail the most popular tourist spots in Noboribetsu City and the charm of Noboribetsu Onsen. We hope that it will be an opportunity for many tourists to visit Noboribetsu City. First of all, we will introduce the popular sightseeing spots in Noboribetsu City. "Noboribetsu Bear Park" is one of the largest bear farms in Japan, and about 70 Ezo brown bears live there. In the park, you can observe the bears spending their time up close and enjoy feeding them. Next up is "Noboribetsu Jigokudani". This is the remains of a crater with a diameter of about 450 meters formed by the eruptive activity of Mt. Hiyori. It is a spot where you can feel the mystery of the earth, and while walking along the promenade, you can enjoy the powerful scenery of Jigokudani and the moment when hot springs gush out. Noboribetsu Marine Park Nix, a popular tourist spot introduced at the end of this article, is an aquarium with the theme of "Nordic romance and marine fantasy" where you can interact with marine life such as sea lions, penguins, and dolphins. The dolphin show and sea lion show held regularly are popular events that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. There is also a penguin walk and an experience where you can interact with dolphins. There are still many popular sightseeing spots in Noboribetsu City, so I will introduce them in a future post. One thing you can't miss when sightseeing in Noboribetsu City is Noboribetsu Onsen. The historic onsen town, which has spread since the Edo period, is still loved by many people. It is characterized by the spring quality containing sulfur and salt, and can be expected to have relaxation effects and skin beautifying effects. It is also said to be effective in improving neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, and sensitivity to cold. Noboribetsu Onsen has various types of hot spring inns and day-trip hot spring facilities, so visitors can enjoy the hot spring that suits them. There are a variety of options available, including inns where you can enjoy open-air baths and indoor baths, inns with family baths, and accommodations that offer elaborate private baths. You can also enjoy hot springs and foot baths. Access to Noboribetsu City is about one hour by JR from New Chitose Airport and about one and a half hours by car from Sapporo City, making it very convenient to access from within Hokkaido. There are also plenty of bus tours and car rentals to explore the city. Souvenirs that cannot be missed when sightseeing in Noboribetsu City include the local beer "Oni Legend" and the "Noboribetsu Toro~ri Pudding" made with Noboribetsu milk. Please check it out as a souvenir for your family and friends. What do you think? Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido is a tourist destination full of various attractions such as nature, hot springs, history, and souvenirs. In particular, Noboribetsu Onsen has a wide range of attractions such as spring quality, efficacy, and diversity of facilities, and is ideal for those who are looking for a relaxation effect that heals daily fatigue and a beautiful skin effect. Noboribetsu Onsen is surrounded by beautiful nature in each of the four seasons, and you can feel nature while enjoying the hot springs. Please visit Noboribetsu City once and experience its charm. After fully enjoying the splendor of the hot springs and tourist spots, enjoy the local delicacies and souvenirs. You will enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen and spend a relaxing trip both physically and mentally.
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Things to Do in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido! Enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen, 'Hell Valley,' the Nature of Noboribetsu, Theme Parks, and Many More Attractions!

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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
Apr. 19, 2023
It is a Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association in Hokkaido. The Otofuke is read as "Otofukecho". We would like to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS provide attractive information about hot springs, sightseeing spots, exquisite gourmet food, access methods, and weather! Please spend a dream-like time at Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke where you can heal with the exquisite scenery woven by magnificent nature and the blissful hot spring. First of all, I would like to introduce hot springs that heal both the mind and body. Tokachigawa Onsen was 2004 (Heisei 16) selected as a Hokkaido Heritage Site ahead of many hot spring resorts in Hokkaido with its rare spring quality in the world. Tokachigawa Onsen is famous as a rare "mall hot spring" in Japan. Mohr is derived from the German word for lignite, etc., and is a hot spring that gushes out through lignite beds containing plant-based organic matter from ancient times, and the color of the water is amber and a slightly sloppy feeling. The hotels, inns, and other accommodations lined up in the hot spring town are full of elaborate open-air baths and indoor baths, and you can enjoy the hot springs of beauty to your heart's content, and there are also facilities where you can take a day trip to the hot spring. Otofuke's sights are so full of charm that you will lose track of time. Roadside Station Garden Spa Tokachigawa Onsen is like a treasure chest with a market where fresh local ingredients and specialties gather, a spa where you can enjoy the Hokkaido Heritage Mall Onsen in a swimsuit, an experience workshop, and four restaurants. At the Tokachi Ranch, which boasts a vast site, a magnificent view of Tokachi spreads out 360 degrees from the observation deck inside the ranch. From mid-January to the end of February, snow exercises are open to the public as part of horse health management. At Yanagigetsu Sweetpia Garden, you can get a glimpse of the manufacturing process of popular confectionery makers and experience making sweets. Tokachigaoka Park is the perfect place to enjoy with your family, with seasonal flowers blooming around Hanak, a large flower clock with a diameter of 18 meters and a second hand length of 10 meters and 10 centimeters. Otofuke Tokachigawa Onsen is full of attractive events. Why don't you be fascinated by the light of fireflies that color Tokachigawa Onsen at night in "Moor Hot Spring Firefly Viewing" in early summer? Many tourists come to enjoy the wild dance of fireflies and spend a special time where you can feel the symbiosis with nature. The gorgeous event "Sairinka" held in winter creates a fantastic space where about 600 light objects, including a symbol tower of up to 5.4 meters, are linked with sound and light. Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke Hokkaido hosts a variety of attractive events throughout the year, including these events. Along with hot springs, sightseeing spots, and delicious gourmet food, we hope you will enjoy seasonal events. Access to Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke Hokkaido is about 2 hours by car from New Chitose Airport, about 3 hours by train from JR Sapporo Station, and about 20 minutes by car or taxi from Obihiro Station. Tokachigawa Onsen Otofuke Hokkaido awaits you with beautiful nature, hot springs that heal both mind and body, and inspiring sightseeing spots!
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