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Dylan Gibson
Jan. 2, 2021
Looking at this picture I realized I've never actually seen fireworks in the snow. I've done them for New Years of course, but living in Tokyo it doesn't snow much. Also where I was from the in the US we didn't get a lot of snow either. This looks like a lot of fun though. I didn't get to do fireworks this New Years but I was able to have a lot of fun still. Ate some great food with some great people and had fun playing games together. I've visited Aomori a few times in the past though and it was a lot of fun so maybe next year I'll head out there and enjoy these fireworks for New Years! Either way, this Kabushima Shrine looks really beautiful on top of the hill. The path leading up to the shrine and the torii gates are really neat. I looked it up a little more and it looks like a lot of seagulls gather at the shrine as well. Makes sense since it's right next to the beach. Really awesome!
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Dec. 31, 2020
Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe City Kabushima Shrine
I went to the "Zodiac Fireworks Rising Luck Prayer Festival" 2021!
Countdown fireworks again this year
2021.1.1 Launched at 0:00!
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