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New otani inn sapporo
Nov. 7, 2023
Today, we would like 💁 ♂️ to introduce you to the "Seasonal Chef Recommended Course" The menu of this course changes every two months. 11. December is perfect for winter, and we have warm Japanese dishes! 🍽️menu🍽️ ・ First come, first served  ・ Button shrimp and bonito ・Fried fugu ・Cod dust pot ・Scallop cooked rice (incense miso soup) ・Today's Fun Dessert Wagon   Strawberry shortcake   Strawberry Ice Cream   Raw Roll Cake   chocolate mousse   Streuselkuchen Limited to 15 meals a day, available until 12/21! Reservations & Details Hotel HP or Tel: 011-222-1522 ✨
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