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Kawazu Tourism Association
5 days ago
Spend a blissful time in the beautiful town, Kawazu Town When you visit surrounded by the nature of the sea and mountains, and the Accommodations in the town! The inn I would like to introduce this time is "Kagoya". ・ From autumn to Spring, you can taste snow crab dishes. The salt-boiled, pot, cooked rice, and snow crab soup set "Snow Crab Zukushi" is available to non-inn guests by reservation. ◆Detailed Information◆ 【Spot Name】Kagoya 【Address】51-5 Shimosagano, Kawazu Town, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Phone number: 0558-35-7351 Check-in/Check-out is 4:00 p.m., Check-out 10:00 a.m.  [Total number of rooms] 5 【Pick-up/drop-off】No pick-up/drop-off 【Parking lot】5 cars
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Oumu Tourist Association
Mar. 17, 2024
From March 3rd, the work of lowering the boat (unloading the boat) was carried out, and on the 9th, the scallop fishing ground was created, and on the 16th, the horsehair crab basket fishing began. It is the dawn of the sea of Yumu. The creation of scallop fishing grounds is an important work to raise the fields in order to salvage the fish that could not be caught during last year's fishing season and to prepare for aquaculture from May. We haven't finished putting all the baskets for horsehair crab fishing, but the first day's catch was 4350 kg! More fish are landed than last year. Continuing from last year, it seems that there are more medium-sized and large crabs than small ones, and the initial price is about 3,000 yen higher per kilogram than last year, and the beach is crowded. There are still drift ice off the coast. We wish you a safe operation.
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New otani inn sapporo
Jan. 28, 2024
Seasonal Chef "Recommended" Dinner Course 1. The menu for February is [Japanese kaiseki] Please enjoy ✨ the chef's special dinner course using plenty of seasonal ingredients For desserts, 4~5 items are provided ♪ by wagon service on a daily basis. 〈Menu〉 ・ Seasonal sauce   ・Soi, scallops, sweet shrimp sashimi   ・Grilled bonito sansho   ・ Cooking crab majo and vegetables   ・ Rice cooked with bamboo (incense miso soup)   ・Today's Fun Dessert Wagon   Rice flour Swiss roll cake   Cherry Panna Cotta   Matcha and yuzu gateau chocolate   Chocolate and strawberry shortcake   Black honey ice cream Limited to 15 meals a day! The price is ¥4,800 per person. Please come and visit us!
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