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苫小牧観光協会 / TOMAKOMAI
11 days ago
🧗 ♂️ This time, we will introduce one of the big symbols "Tarumaeyama"! !! 🌋 Mt. Tarumaezan is 1,041 meters above sea level and is known as a rare triple active volcano, and it is a mountain that can go around the crater called "Obata Tour" for one lap. There is also a mountain called "Fuppushi Peak" nearby, and you can run vertically. 🥾 It takes about 60 minutes by car from the city to the 7th station parking lot, and about 50 minutes from the 7th station to the top, and it is one of the recommended mountains for beginners! !! 💁‍♀️ You can observe alpine plants, enjoy the magnificent scenery of Lake Shikotsu and the Pacific Ocean, and it is popular as a mountain where you can enjoy full-scale mountain climbing up close. 🥰 The "City Road Tarumaeyama Sightseeing Road Line" between the 5th station gate and the 7th station parking lot was closed during the winter season, but it was finally lifted 🎉✨ at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 26. The adjacent parking lot is free of charge and can accommodate about 70 cars. 🚙 Why don't you sweat it out at 🥵 "Tarumaeyama" this summer? 【 Tarumaeyama Address 】 〒059-1265 Tarumae, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 【 Parking Address 】 〒066-0283 Morup, Chitose, Hokkaido ⚠ ⚠ Note ※ When climbing a mountain, be prepared before climbing. (Don't forget to report the climb!) ) Currently, the eruption alert level is 1, but plumes are coming out violently and the ground is hot. Also, please note that some parts of the trail are slippery. ※ The "City Road Tarumaeyama Sightseeing Road Line" is a gravel road and narrow, so please go slowly and give in when a car comes. ※ The parking lot may be full from early in the morning on holidays. Please note.
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