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Atami Tourism Association
Feb. 13, 2024
Atami Station Shopping Street (Nakamise, Peace Street) In front of Atami Station, there are two shopping streets, "Peace Street" and "Nakamise", and there are also long-established stores that have been in business for 60 or 70 years. Unlike shopping malls, there are small and unique shops where you can experience shopping that is unique to Japan. Restaurants, cafes, sushi restaurants, Dried fish shops, as well as Souvenirs shops with a variety of souvenirs from the Izu Peninsula! There are also various goods of the official character "Atsuo" of the Atami Onsen Hotel Ryokan Cooperative. It is also recommended to take a walk while snacking on hot spring buns. Start your trip or go shopping here on the way back. Address: 〒413-0011 Tawaramotocho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture (in front of JR Atami Station)
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Justin Schultz
May. 8, 2022
Went to Karuizawa for Golden Week! We booked our shinkansen tickets well in advance so we were basically flipping a coin with the weather, but it still managed to be a really fun trip despite 2/3 days being rain. We were able to do a lot of shopping at the outlet mall near the station and other places in the area on the first and third days when it rained so it worked out perfectly. My girlfriend's friend was headed back home from Tokyo the same direction we were headed so she stayed one night with us and then we were able to all hang out and go shopping in Karuizawa for most of the day after which she hopped back on the shinkansen towards home. The second day was really nice weather, despite being just a bit chilly, but it was still nice enough that we were able to rent some bicycles and ride around the area. The place where we rented the bikes gave us a nice sightseeing route to go on and so we were able to see a bunch of different places and use our time effectively. When we were headed into town we crossed a bridge and there was a nice view of Mt. Asama with a ton of fisherman fishing along the river below the bridge. It was a pretty cool sight. We even got to see someone catch a fish as well. We obviously went to Shiraito Falls as well and it was really beautiful. There was a sign behind that described how the water took around 5 years to come out of the ground where the waterfall was or something to that effect as well. The path leading up the waterfall was quite neat as well, with the river running next to it and a giant fallen tree with more smaller waterfalls to go with it. There was also two wooden carvings of the characters from Demon Slayer (鬼滅の刃) which was interesting. The food in the area was delicious as well. We were staying at a pension and we only had breakfast with our stay, so we ended up going to another pension where they had yakiniku and we got a pretty good price for a massive platter of food. I was so full at the end I'm not sure how I made it back to where we were staying for the night lol. The third day we did some shopping up at Harunire Terrace (ハルニレテラス) and we kind of just relaxed in the area. It was a pretty trendy place surrounded by nature and there was a hot spring up the road as well. We wanted to go in the hot spring but there was a pretty long line so we decided to pass. We ate dinner at one of the restaurants at the terrace and while all of the indoor seats were taken, we were able to get some outdoor seating. It was cold out so I didn't think it would be a good idea, but they had some heaters outside and blankets and it was actually quite enjoyable. Had a lot of fun and it was a really great place. We might travel there again during the summer when it's warmer as well or maybe in autumn when the leaves change color. I definitely recommend giving it a visit!
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Dylan Gibson
Jan. 21, 2022
Was walking through Shimokitazawa the other day and found some really cool street art on the shutter of some shop or something (not really sure what the building was). Just thought it was cool to see this. Don't see much street art in Japan, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as usually it involves vandalism, but this doesn't look to be vandalism, although I could be wrong. Either way I think it's a nice improvement to the empty shutters and definitely adds a little spice to the area. Aesthetically I'm a huge fan since I enjoy learning about Japanese history, especially samurai, swords, etc., even if this is a fantastical rendition of the likes you'd find in some anime or manga. Shimokitazawa is a pretty cool place though. It seems like a lot of younger people go shopping in the area and there's a lot of restaurants as well. If you're into coffee, cafes, and unique shops with trinkets, etc. it's an enjoyable place to visit. Really trendy
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Dylan Gibson
Dec. 20, 2021
Was shopping the other day in Nihonbashi and saw this akabeko and thought it was really cute so I decided to take a photo of it. The name was quite funny to me as well. Instead of the usual "akabeko" this was a "nemubeko," or "tired-beko" basically, and you can see how the eyes are actually half way shut instead of the normally wide-open eyes, giving it the tired look lol. I've always wanted to try an akabeko experience as I love traditional Japanese crafts and akabeko in particular seem really fun to make. I've read a few posts in another places of people trying akabeko workshops and having a really fun time. I haven't used papier mache since I was a kid either so it'd probably be a nostalgic experience for sure. If I do try an akabeko workshop, I think I'll make a "nemubeko" as well lol
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Dylan Gibson
Aug. 30, 2021
Weather wasn't too bad this weekend! I managed to get a little shopping in as well. There were a few things I needed to buy and I went to Akabane for the first time in a while. I really like the layout of the area. It's really convenient and the shopping street has a bunch of stuff that you can look at. I'd like to explore the area more one of these days, but that will have to wait until after the pandemic ends I suppose. I managed to find some interesting statues around one of the shopping centers as well. I wasn't able to take a photo of all of them because people were sitting next to them, but I took a photo of one of them at least. I'll have to go back to get photos of the other 5 or 6 next time. There was one statue of a man fishing, I thought it was pretty cool. Anyways, here's the first one right outside of the entrance. A small warrior in armor holding a spear in one hand and what looks to be some sort of pagoda in the other.
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