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Oumu Tourist Association
Aug. 9, 2023
Nice to meet you, Omu Town Tourism Association! Hokkaido Omu Town faces the Sea of Okhotsk. The sunrise from the horizon is also a symbol of the town. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS's first post, we will introduce you to Omu Town and the highlights of Hokkaido Omu Town where you can enjoy delicious food. There are no trains Omu Town, so you can get there by car, rental car, or bus. It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes ~ 5 hours 30 minutes by expressway from Sapporo. If you are traveling by air, please use Asahikawa Airport or Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport. It takes about 3 hours by car from Asahikawa Airport Omu Town and about 1 hour Omu Town from Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport. The climate (weather) in Omu Town is cool throughout the year, especially from January to March, when drift ice docks in the Sea of Okhotsk, so the temperature is low. In winter, the temperature may drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius on some days, so be careful about the cold when visiting. Next, we will introduce the representative sightseeing spots of Omu Town. The recommended base for sightseeing in Omu Town is "Roadside Station Oumu" in the center of Omu Town city. You can also sell Omu Town specialties, look for souvenirs, and enjoy local gourmet foods such as "Dattan Soba". Dattan soba (Dattan Soba) is also called "bitter soba noodles" and contains about 100 times more "rutin", which is a type of polyphenol and the source of bitterness, about 100 times more than normal soba noodles, but now it is easy to eat because we have planted a variety called "Manten Kirari" that softens the bitterness and retains the nutrients. Rutin has a powerful antioxidant effect, so it can be expected to prevent weekly illness and improve blood sugar and blood pressure, making it a soba noodle that has been attracting attention due to the health boom in recent years. There is also an observation deck modeled after an airship 24 meters above the ground, and it is also a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Obu. Located about 12 minutes by car from downtown Omu Town, Cape Hinode is a superb view point of sunrise. On the small hill of the cape, there is also the all-glass "Cape Hinode Observatory La Luna", and there are binoculars that can be used free of charge at the observatory. "La Luna" means "moon" in Italian. It is said that it was named "It seems that the moon floats above the cape." You can enjoy the scenery of the Sea of Okhotsk in summer and the panoramic view of over 180 degrees in front of you during the drift ice season in winter. There is "Omu Town Cape Hinode Campsite" about 7 minutes on foot from Cape Hinode. It consists of a free site and bungalows, and is bustling during the summer camp every year. You can spend a comfortable time surrounded by nature. There is also Hotel Cape Hinode around this campsite where you can take a day trip, so please use it when sightseeing Omu Town. Here, we will deliver information on Omu Town's specialties and recommended gourmet food! The specialty of Hokkaido Omu Town is delicious seafood nurtured by rich nature. Among seafood, fresh scallops, hairy crabs, and salmon are gaining popularity. Since you can fully enjoy the bounty of the sea, processed products are also recommended as souvenirs! Hokkaido Omu Town's hometown tax payment offers thank-you goods that take advantage of these rich nature and local specialties such as delicious marine products. The popular "saltwater sea urchin (Ezobahun sea urchin)" (2023 has already ended) is grown by eating the nutrient-rich Rishiri kelp that grows in Obu, and is characterized by its rich taste. In addition, the mineral-rich scallops caught in Omu Town, where scallop fishing is popular, can be grilled, fried, and of course sashimi. Omu Town, the breeding and production of "Angus beef" is also thriving. In general cattle barn, they are raised on high-calorie food, but Angus cows are raised on large pastures and are characterized by relatively low fat and a lot of redness. As a gift in return for hometown tax payment, "Angus beef set (frozen)" is also available, so please enjoy it. Please experience the charm of Omu Town in your own way, such as superb scenery rich in nature, gourmet food, and outdoor activities. In the future, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to deliver fascinating Omu Town information. Thank you very much!
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Mombetsu Tourist Information Center
Aug. 5, 2023
This time, we will introduce the impressions and charms of Monbetsu to the two people who are currently working as trainees. ・Le Thi Lan Huong (from Vietnam / live in Yokohama) Nice to meet you, my name is Fong. I'm from Vietnam. I did a one-week internship in Monbetsu. When I came to Monbetsu for the first time, there were fewer houses and buildings than in Yokohama. Instead, there are many trees, flowers and the sea. The atmosphere was 😌 very comfortable. I couldn't interact with many people, but everyone was friendly and kind. I stayed at Monbetsu Prince Hotel 🏨. Every day when I leave after the internship, I say, "Thank you for your hard work." I was told. I was impressed. 🙇 ♀️😊 I feel like I'm coming home to myself. The charm of crest... It's not buzzing, it's not brilliant. There is a special charm of Monbetsu City. The tranquility and gentle scenery are 🍁 attractive. If you are tired from work and need a place to relax, Monbetsu City is the place to go. In addition to the scenery, there are experiences and tours that can only be found in Monbetsu City. For example, the Sea of 🌊 Okhotsk ... Recommended in summer is a large Crab Claw Statue object 🦀 and view of the Sea of Okhotsk. Next is a forest park 🍀🏞️, green grass and yellow flowers 🌼 dotted around. It was very beautiful. A lot of huge ice ❄️🧊 floes come in winter, you can do snow sports (skiing, snowboarding⛷️ ⛸️...). Others have flower gardens in spring, summer and autumn. Purple lavender🪻, pink moss phlox 🌸, red yellow orange tulips 🌷 . Everyone, please come to Monbetsu City. 🤗🎉
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