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Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association
3 hours ago
Nayoro Tourism Volunteer Association Workshop 【Exploring the mountains and Sansai in spring】 At the Nayoro Sightseeing volunteer Association, we will hold a workshop to take a walk in the forest of the city with a guide and collect Sansai and cook it during this Spring season! The participation fee is 1,500 yen and the capacity is limited to 25 people, so if you would like to participate, please ♪ apply as soon as possible Applications can be made by e-mail. MAIL:nayoro-volunteer@nayoro-kankou.com * When applying by e-mail, please enter the following information. (1) Name (furigana) (2) Date of birth (3) Phone number (4) Address (5) Allergies, etc. ◆Notes◆ (1) Sansai harvesting baskets, scissors, and cooking utensils are available for rent. (2) Please dress according to the weather. It is desirable to wear clothes that cover the skin. (3) We do not provide dishes other than Sansai, so we recommend that you Bring your own with light meals such as rice balls. (5) Reception on the day of the event will be held from 8:45 a.m. Hot spring in front of the Sun Pillar Barbecue House. For more information and to apply, please see the flyer!
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Otsuki Tourism Association.
1 days ago
Cypripedium japonicum(Kumagaiso) 💐 in Saruhashi Town The Best time to visit 🎶 the Cypripedium japonicum(Kumagaiso) in the colony of private houses on the south side of Otsuki The owner of the land has been taking care of it for 40 years, and there were 50 plants, but now there are 😲 3,000 plants on the site It is an ideal growing environment for the bear, and it is 🎶 growing large and fast The mysterious shape of the Cypripedium japonicum(Kumagaiso) is attractive. The appearance of rain drops dripping is also mysterious, When it's sunny, it's 💮 even better to understand the unique color well You can freely view it courtesy of the owner. (There is also a ❗️ space where you can park your car) When visiting, please talk to the owner's house on top of the colony before visiting 🙌 For details, please see 🔍 the Home page of the Otsuki Tourism Association
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Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association
1 days ago
Suzuran Park 🌸 in Otofuke It is a park with abundant flowers and greenery, including lily of the valley, which is popular with the townspeople as a famous place for cherry blossoms in spring. 🌳 On Monday morning, I was able to take a picture of the blossoming cherry blossoms and felt the spring mood deeply. It is scheduled to be in full bloom towards the end of April, so please come and experience☺️ the spring feeling of Otofuke! (This is a 💕 photo received from a townsperson) - Otofuke Suzuran Park 🌸 in Hokkaido 公園裡除了鈴蘭花之外,櫻花在春天期盛開,綠意盎然的環境,受到當地居民們的喜愛。 🌳 照片是Otofuke居民提供💕星期一上午拍到的櫻花,北海道氣溫雖然還是很低,櫻花的開花更加感受到春天的到來~ 接下來是櫻花滿開的季節,推薦大家春天時也一定要來鈴蘭公園走喔!
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