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AtsugiTourism Association
Dec. 19, 2023
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Atsugi Tourism Association. Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture is a city with a population of 224,102 (as of December 2023 (Reiwa 5)) located in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is an area rich in nature through which the Sagami River, a first-class river, flows. Since there is a highway interchange, it is also characterized by good transportation access! The Atsugi Parking Area (Atsugi PA), located on the way to Tokyo on the Tomei Expressway, is equipped with a smart IC that can be used 24 hours a day. In addition, Atsugi PA has a Japanese-style appearance inspired by a post town, and you can enjoy gourmet food unique to Atsugi City, such as fish set meals directly from Numazu Port. In this first post, we will introduce Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, as well as recommended sightseeing information! --- Things to do in Atsugi, Kanagawa --- ■Atsugi Onsen Town■ "Atsugi Onsen Town" includes Iiyama Onsen, Nanasawa Onsen, Hirosawaji Onsen, and Kabutoyu Onsen. Both hot springs are located in a mountain village about 30 minutes by car from Hon-Atsugi Station and the Atsugi Interchange on the Tomei Expressway, and are located in the back of Atsugi, surrounded by lush nature. The quality of the spring is a highly alkaline spring with beautiful skin. Why don't you spend such a luxurious time soaking in the hot water and enjoying gastronomy? ■Strawberry picking■ Strawberry picking can be enjoyed from late December to spring every year. Taste the ripe strawberries that are unique to freshly picked. The strawberry garden in Atsugi City is "all-you-can-eat for 30 minutes". You can also enjoy comparing different types of strawberries. Join your family and friends and enjoy delicious strawberries. Please be sure to make a reservation or confirmation by phone. Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays can be very crowded, so make your reservation as early as possible. For details, please contact each farm. * The price is "all-you-can-eat for 30 minutes" ● Depending on the growing conditions and reservation status, it may not be possible to pick strawberries even during the season. When you go out, please be sure to make a reservation or confirm by phone. ● Prices are subject to change. For details, please contact each farm. ■Iiyama Hakusan Forest Park■ It is a park with an area of about 33 hectares and beautiful nature in all four seasons. It spreads across Hakusan and Satoyama, and is adjacent to Iiyama Kannon, which is famous for cherry blossoms. Hakusan hiking trails and trail running trails are also available, so you can easily enjoy a walk. The summit of Mt. Hakusan is a spectacular spot where you can see all the way to Yokohama and Shinjuku! In addition, the cherry blossom plaza in the park is in full bloom around the end of March every year, and many people visit during the Atsugi Iiyama Cherry Blossom Festival. ■ Iiyama Kannon "Chokokuji" ■ Located in the middle of Mt. Hakusan, it is a temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect, which has been selected as one of the "50 Best Kanagawa Scenic Spots" and "100 Kanagawa Flower Spots". Kannon-do is designated as a tangible cultural property of Atsugi City, and the bell of the bell tower hall is designated as an important cultural property designated by the prefecture. The precincts show various colors depending on the season, and cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, daffodils, and maples are popular attractions. During the Atsugi Iiyama Cherry Blossom Festival, the cherry blossoms on the approach are in full bloom, and it is crowded with many cherry blossom viewers every year. One of the highlights is the 400-year-old "Inumaki Tree", which is designated as a natural monument of Atsugi City! ■Higashitanzawa Green Park■ An outdoor facility with a 3.5-kilometer-long athletic course spread out in the forest. There are 36 points that utilize the slopes of the mountain, such as log bridges and ropeways, and there are also points that young children can enjoy, so children and adults can use it with confidence. In addition, there is also an outdoor barbecue and a fishing pond center. You can also enjoy a walk on a mountain bike. ■Koganei Sake Brewery■ It is a sake brewery with a history of more than 200 years, which has been in business since 1818 in the late Edo period. It is also the only sake brewery in Atsugi City. "Daiginjo Sakarimasu" brewed by Koganei Sake Brewery won the Gold Award at the National New Sake Appraisal Competition for three consecutive years! ■Prefectural Nanasawa Forest Park■ It is one of the largest urban parks in Kanagawa Prefecture. Located at the foot of Higashitanzawa, you can enjoy nature throughout the year with cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, and autumn leaves. Forest therapy, art programs such as pottery, and hands-on programs such as nature observation are also held! There is also an outdoor barbecue area in the park, where you can enjoy barbecue empty-handed (business period: March ~ November * Charged, reservation required, food can be brought in). ■ Ogama Benzaiten ■ Located in the upper reaches of the Osawa River, it is a benzaiten (river goddess) enshrined for begging for rain. The origin of the name "Ogama Benzaiten" is said to be derived from the fact that the waterfall basin resembles the bottom of the kettle. It is also popular as a power spot and a refreshing spot! ■ Tree Cross Adventure ■ A life-changing experience on a forest adventure that originated in France! It is a forest adventure park that originated in France and can be experienced in the size of one Tokyo Dome. You can enjoy a total of 10 courses, a 700-meter zipline, and one of the most high-level attractions in the Tokyo metropolitan area. There are some courses that can break your heart, where you can experience bouldering at a height of 15 meters, but there are also courses for beginners that you can easily try. After getting the hang of it up to the 1~5th course, the highlight of the park, the 173m zipline, will appear. In front of the zipline where you can't see the future and the scenery with the drop spreading out at your feet, your legs may be weak, but let's have the courage to jump out! You're sure to have a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime. ■Atsugi City Ogino Athletics Park■ It is a facility that is popular with locals as a base for sports and recreation. There is a heated pool that is open all year round, tennis courts where you can play at night, a gymnasium, a stadium, and more! At the entrance of the "Multipurpose Plaza" on the vast lawn, the "Iki Iki Health Plaza" is equipped with 12 types of health equipment. It is used as a place to build physical strength. In addition, in the wildflower garden in the park, flowers of the four seasons bloom, and it is also known as a flower attraction spot. Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, is also known as the birthplace of the warlord Mori clan (Mori-shi), and is also an area where remnants of historical figures and celebrities remain. It is also recommended to visit Atsugi City while following historical spots. Please visit Atsugi City and experience its charm! In the future, this account will continue to provide information on Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Thank you in advance!
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