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st situation
Aug. 30, 2023
When I visited Megijima for the first time in a long time, a festival was being held on that day, so I took a picture. A festival dedicated to the god of the island "Sumiyoshi Shrine Grand Festival" The shrine festival at Megijima island There is a surprisingly unknown island culture Kagawa Prefecture and in Takamatsu City Megijima and Ogijima take turns holding a summer festival and parading around the island carrying a drum stand made of ropes handed down in Isshi Sōden. As the name suggests, the god of the island is a woman, and it has been handed down as a festival forbidden to women since ancient times so as not to be jealous. Drum stands are dropped and rolled wildly toward the gods, and at the end of the festival, the drum stands go into the sea. It's a small festival, but I hope that traditional culture and festivals like this will be passed on to future generations so that they do not decline.
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